Detailed notes on the first day of spring practice

An inside look at what went on during day one at spring practice..

Position Changes

 T. J. McGinnis 6-2 205 has been moved from WR to Safety. I like the move. You can find 6-2 WR's all day long, but it is hard to find a 6-2 safety that can run and cover like he can. D'Saveon Patrick 6-2 215 has been moved from Bandit end to Tight End-H Back. Waldon Davis 6-0 205 has been moved from safety to OLB. He did not have the speed to get it done at safety, but has the speed to be an effective OLB. It will be interesting too see how he holds up there at 205 pounds. Demetrius Market 5-8 175 has been moved from corner to safety. Evan Osbourne 6-4 210 is still with the team. They have him playing at OLB.

QB Battle

Both Keon Howard 6-0 225 and Kwadra Griggs 6-4 215 threw the ball well today. Griggs was much more accurate than I recall from last Spring. He had a nice day throwing the ball. I know it is early and the guys were in shorts and helmets, but I expect Keon and Kwadra to have a very competitive battle for the QB spot.

Offensive Line

First group offensive line from today was Jerry Harris 6-3 291 at left tackle, Jerry has dropped some weight and has added quickness needed for the left tackle position. Left Guard Arvin Fletcher RSFR 6-2 315. Center Tyler Stutzman 6-6 285 Right Guard Devin Farrior 6-4 310, Right Tackle Drake Dorbeck RSSO 6-6 300. Tyler Pollard is out this Spring recovering from a shoulder procedure.

Second group offensive line today was Left Tackle Hayden McMahan RSJR 6-5 275. Left Guard Justus Satterfield 6-2 291 SO. Center Wyatt Richthofen RSFR 6-4 300. Right Guard Jacob Johnson RSFR 6-5 320. Right Tackle Cru Birdyshaw RSFR 6-6 291.

Obviously all the above is subject to change once the pads come on and the hitting starts. Interestingly, true freshman Woodlyson Alcius was working at Right Guard today. Many thought he was brought here to play tackle.

While we are on the offensive line, I was extremely impressed with the detailed instruction and constant intensity new offensive line coach Erik Losey brought to today's practice. Big time upgrade.

Defensive Notes

First group on defense today was Darian Yancey RSJR 6-2 255 at Defensive End. Draper Riley RSSR 6-4 310 at Defensive Tackle. Rod Crayton RSSR 6-0 275 at Defensive Tackle. Bandit End Paxton Schrimsher RSSO 6-3 235. Middle Linebacker Jeremy Sangster RSJR 6-0 230. Outside Linebacker Walden Davis RSJR 6-0 205. Corner Cornell Armstrong SR 6-0 185. Corner Curtis Mikell SR 5-9 170. Spur Safety Kelcey Douglas RSSR 5-11 190. Picasso Nelson out for the Spring letting an injury heal. Safety Tarvarius Moore SR 6-1 194. Moore has put on some quality muscle. Safety Demetrius Market 5-8 171 SO.

Second group on defense was Defensive End Paw Thigpen RSSR 6-6 232. Defensive Tackle Noochie Harris JR 6-1 275. Defensive Tackle Demario Smith SO 6-2 275. Bandit End Allen Fails SR 6-2 235. Middle Linebacker Racheem Boothe 6-0 230. Boothe was noticeably bigger. Outside Linebacker Evan Osborne RSSR 6-4 210. Spur Safety Justin Abston RSSR 5-11 185. Corner Rachuan Mitchell RSFR 5-10 170. Corner Ernest Gunn RSSO 6-1 190. Safety Xavier Marion RSJR 6-1 210. Safety James Applewhite RSSR 6-1 190.

Reserves on defense that should work their way into the two deep. Delmond Landry JR 6-4 310. Landry is the same size as Draper and more athletic. Isiah Spencer RSSO 6-1 225 is getting work at Outside and Middle linebacker. This is the year he needs to contribute. Jacques Turner RSFR 6-2 255 looks like a different athlete. As a defensive end he is big and powerful enough to hold he edge and plenty athletic enough to rush the passer. A year in our strength program has been very beneficial for Turner. Derrick Dixon RSSR 6-3 270 is getting work at Defensive End and at Defensive Tackle. Versatile athlete.

Wide Recievers

 It was really good to see Jordan Mitchell out there today. Korey Robertson was running with the ones at Wide Receiver and at 6-2 215 is physically imposing for a wide out. I look for him to have a break out year this season. Allanzae Staggers was doing what he always does. Getting behind the secondary. Tyreoune Holmes looked very good working out of the slot today. This is his last chance to take care of his business and fulfill his potential. Quez Watkins RSFR 6-0 177 will be a big time play maker at wide out this coming Fall. He was dangerous deep today, as well as quick enough to make one move on a short reception and take it to the house. He is a dynamic athlete. Isiah Jones was solid today. I will have my eye on him for sure. Needs to use this Spring to develop some confidence.

The receiver ranks were a little this today with McGinnis moving to safety. I also did not see Marquise Ricard today. Reid Rials is nursing a minor injury. Incoming freshman could find themselves some playing time at receiver if they come in ready for the challenge.

Injury Update

 Ty Pollard out recovering from a shoulder procedure. Sherrod Ruff was out with a green jersey on. Did not appear to be serious. Trae Collins was out wearing a green jersey. Picasso Nelson is out this Spring recovering from an injury from this past season.

No more brace. Tez Parks was looking outstanding without that heavy knee brace on. He was moving like a different athlete. He has muscled up to around 215 and can fly. I hope this is the season he makes people take notice. Jashawn Washington has fully recovered from that nasty knee injury from 2015 and is no longer wearing the brace. He is much more athletic.

That is about all I can recall from a practice that was mostly a day of covering assignments and schemes.

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