USM offers Jared Griffith

Jared "Moose" Griffith talks about his offer, his second, to Southern Miss with

Jared "Moose" Griffith, OL from Sarasota (FL)'s Riverview High School picked up his second offer last week to Southern Miss.  

Griffith has a unique display of both athleticism and strength.  He has incredible power evidenced by his state placement in a weightlifting meet, and he's certainly living up to his nickname of "Moose."  

"I got that nickname when I was born," he told

"My grandfather walked in the room after I was born and he saw I had huge hands and massive feet. The only word he said was "moose." It stuck with me since then and luckily I grew into the name."

And grow into the name he certainly has.  Griffith has had a rigorous winter getting ready for spring practice.

"Spring football actually started this week, but in the off season I worked on mostly weights," he explained.

"I went went to the 2A Florida state weightlifting meet and placed 6th in the state. I got my bench max up to 420, my squat max to 565, and my clean and jerk to 315."

Southern Miss has certainly taken notice, and has become the second school to make him an offer.

"The only coach I've talked to is Coach Nicholson," he said.  

"He told me that he loves the way I play and he would love to see me in black and gold. Then he told me he was offering me.

"I've heard great things about it, but I don't know too much. I'd like to visit the school so I can find out more about the program."

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