A detailed report of when the class of 2017 will be reporting

In this exclusive report we bring you the latest info on the class of 2017 and when they'll be reporting to Hattiesburg. Also, updated news on grayshirts and redshirts.

Jay Hopson and company have done a great job of identifying recruits that take care of their business in the classroom as well as guiding athletes on the correct path to becoming academically eligible. The class of 2017 is no exception, as the majority of the class will report May 30th to take their first college courses and get a taste of the brutal Southern Miss summer strength, speed and conditioning program. Drew and I spent some time last week touching base with the majority of the 2017 class to find out who will be here and when.

To start things off I want to hit on two signees that will be Grayshirted. The NCAA definition of a grayshirt. When a player is offered enrollment on scholarship at the start of the second semester, after the upcoming season. The athlete then has five years to play four seasons, with the ability to redshirt at some point. Athletes that grayshirt are allowed to enroll as students. They go to class for the first semester as part-time students without starting their eligibility clocks. Then are placed on full scholarship at the start of the second semester.

Grayshirts for this class will be Freddie Hartz 6-1 238 LB Morton High. Grayshirting Hartz was necessitated by a late season knee injury that required reconstructive surgery and months of rehab. Shannon Showers 6-1 165 DB Fort White High, FL. Shannon is going to enroll during the second semester in July and take classes on a part time basis.

Antonio Moultrie 6-3 255 DE West Florida High School has been placed at NEMCC and will most likely be resigned after completing his junior college academic requirements.

A player that was a late signee and questionable as to whether he would make it to campus was defensive back LaMarque Davis 6-2 175 Arlington TX. We could not make contact with LaMarque, but I am told he took care of his business in the classroom and is good to go. He will be enrolling during the second summer semester.

Players that will be reporting on May 30th:



















One player we were unable to contact was LB/DE Santrell Latham 6-2 205 Meridian High School. I have no reason to suspect anything is up with him. I expect him to enroll with the rest of the class on May 30th. When I have confirmation from him I will pass it along. We got no response from T'rod Daniels. When I talked to him at a spring practice he attended he told us he was enrolling in June. It still remains to be seen. Again when I have confirmation I will pass it along.

Again, it is impressive that Hopson and crew got everyone they signed taken care of. The youngsters mentioned above are fixing to witness the stark contrast between a high school summer workout program and what they will be hit with here at Southern Miss. We will be getting back with Strength coach SaJason Finley later this summer to see how the lads are doing.

Just got in contact with LaMarque Davis. He is indeed good to go and will be on campus July 9 for second summer semester.

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