Golden Eagle Netters Get New Facility

Southern Miss sports fans know about the upgrades and expansion to the football, basketball, and baseball facilities. However, most may not know about the positive changes going on with the tennis program and facilities. In two to three weeks, a much needed new tennis facility will open for the tennis program.

I recently had the privilege of talking with Tim Atkinson, Assistant Athletic Director for Southern Miss about the new facility and what it will offer for USM fans.

Q: What is the name of the new facility?

A: There is no formal name at this point. As of now, we will refer to the facility as the Southern Miss Tennis Complex.

Q: How many courts will it hold?

A: There are twelve (12) courts.

Q: Where is the exact location of the facility?

A: The complex is on Pearl Street between 36th and 38th Avenues. Parking is accessed off of 38th Avenue.

Q: Will there be some stands for USM fans to watch?

A: There are concreted, tiered viewing areas for spectators to watch from. In the future, we hope to add chair back seating to these sections, but at present, fans should bring lawn chairs or sit on the concrete risers.

Q: Will the tennis team be able to play on them this season?

A: All home matches will have been completed by the time the University takes possession of the facility, so we will not play any home matches on the courts this spring, though we are hopeful that the teams will have the opportunity to practice on the courts prior to the completion of their seasons.

Q: How do you think this will help recruiting?

A: We anticipate that on-campus courts will have a tremendously positive effect on recruiting. This complex is a very impressive facility and as we move forward and are able to raise enough money to complete the master plan; this will be one of the better tennis facilities in the region. That kind of commitment from the University goes a long way when recruiting high quality student-athletes.


Southern Miss Men's tennis entered the ITA national rankings at No. 74 in this week's poll released on Tuesday. "We have not been nationally ranked since 2001, this is a great accomplishment for our team," said assistant coach Mark Lux. The USM men have won 7 of their past 8 matches, including wins over two nationally ranked opponents. Men's tennis is 8-6 on the year, while the women are 5-11.

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