Pride Exclusive: Johdrick Morris

Perhaps no player had a bigger coming out party in the New Orleans bowl than Southern Miss wide out Johdrick Morris. Spending much of the season down the depth chart and in the shadow of standouts DeAndre Brown and Shawn Nelson, when the game and a winning season was on the line, Morris stepped up big.

Johdrick only had one catch for two yards during the regular season. He made a name for himself during the bowl game against Troy where he had four catches for 61 yards and a touchdown.

He has entered the spring as a guy to keep an eye on because he could see a significant increase in playing time this year. He has been very impressive now that he has been getting more reps in the absence of Deandre Brown.

"My spring has been pretty good" said Morris "I have been getting a lot of catches and a lot of reps and I am looking good for the season."

Now that he has been getting a little more attention from coaches and fans alike, he is focusing more on improving his game.

"I have definitely been more focused and I have matured. I am starting to make more plays and be more productive."

Johdrick has not let the attention he has been getting get to his head.

"As long as I get a chance to make plays and make the fans happy, I don't care whether I am talked about" said Morris.

Morris is a kid of few words and he had a simple answer when I asked him what his personal goals were for the year.

"I just want to catch everything that comes my way and score the football."

He had an even simpler answer when asked what his goals were for the team this year.

"Conference Championship… that's it," said Morris.

Johdrick isn't the only WR to take notice of and even he has taken note of the impressive play by his teammates.

"Freddie Parham, Gerald Baptiste, and Quentin Pierce have really stepped up and started to make plays for us."

Johdrick knows all about the two guys coming in with the next recruiting class (Assad and Jordan) and he has been putting a little extra effort in so he will be ready to defend his spot among the wide receivers.

"It has really made me step up and work harder. When those guys come in they are going to be looking for a spot and it makes me push myself to know they are coming in."

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