GEP Season Preview: QBs

The USM football season is right around the corner and expectations have never been higher for the Golden Eagles. From now to the start of the season will be previewing the upcoming season. Today we talk to Blake Anderson about the Quarterback unit.

Austin Davis exceeded expectations in every way last season. He broke numerous records held by USM greats and he was only a freshman.

He is back and better than ever. Coach Anderson is hoping that his young stud just takes over where he left off last year.

"He only threw two interceptions towards the end of last year," says Anderson "I just hope that he takes over where he left off toward the end of the season."

Austin accomplished quite a bit last season, while working in a very complicated system that was brand new to him. He should be much improved now that he has had another year to allow the system to sink in.

"If you just watch the way that he progressed over the spring and summer you will see that he has really grown. He knows this offense front and backwards and last year he didn't."

Austin has definitely made strides in the mental aspects of the game, but physically he has improved quite a bit as well.

"He has bulked up quite a bit and gotten more arm strength."

Despite putting on a little extra weight, he has actually gotten a little faster than he was last season.

"He has gotten faster as far as his speed and he has worked really hard on his footwork."

Austin has definitely grabbed the starting spot, but it is always good to have good depth behind him.

Unfortunately for the Eagles, they lost a solid backup in Bret Jefcoat. Jefcoat decided to take the JUCO route, leaving Southern Miss with Martevious Young as its go to backup.

"We have got a good quality backup in Martevious Young and behind him we have got Chris Campbell coming in so I think we are ok."

Campbell is a newcomer to Southern Miss out of high school in Tennessee. He has been on campus during the summer and seems to be making a good adjustment to the program.

"Just listening to the guys talk it seems like he is doing a great job here. He is a good student and he has worn Austin Davis out talking football. He is a solid guy."

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