Player Outlook: CJ Bailey

In an injury plagued season, it is tough for anybody to find anything to be optimistic about. USM just got some more bad news Tuesday when they learned that Michael McGee will be done for the remainder of the season. Today we will talk to CJ Bailey about how the Defensive Backs are moving on without Mcgee.

So how has practice been without McGee out there taking reps with the group?

"Today was great, we had one of those good days" said Bailey "Yesterday wasn't as good, but we came out with some fire today."

So what was the team's reaction when they got the news that McGee would be lost for the season?

"It was tragic, it hurt all of us losing him" said Bailey "Him being a senior he only had five games left so it was tough for everybody, but we just know that we have to step up now."

One of the guys that the Eagles are going to turn to is True Freshman Jaime Collins. Collins has filled in wherever needed all season and has been sensational every time.

"The guy is a freak, man, he is going to be the next big thing at USM" said Bailey "He is a great ballplayer and he listens to coaches and he is going to be special in the near future."

So now Bailey and his teammates will turn to their rival Tulane. Everyone feels like USM will be the favorite in the game, but the Wave will be starting a new Quarterback so they really don't know what to expect.

"They have got a great team and they run the West Coast system very well" said Bailey "They have that young Quarterback that made some big plays in the only game that he has played in this year."

Tulane has had a knack all season for long methodical drives that eat up clock and wear down defenses. Southern Miss is making sure that their players won't wear down late in the game.

"With us it has been either three and outs or twelve play drives, it is either or for us" said Bailey "We are just taking extra reps on certain drills to make sure we don't wear down."

The fans have been pretty disappointed with the record so far this year. So what are CJ's feelings on how his unit and the entire team have played so far this year?

"As a unit I feel like we have come out and played well and tried to do our job" said Bailey "As a team I feel like we should be 7-0."

What about his personal performance?

"In terms of helping the team I feel like I have had a great year" said Bailey "I don't have any interceptions, but it is not about that. I am here to help my team win."

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