Player Outlook: Gerald Baptiste

Gerald Baptiste is coming off the best game of his career against the Houston Cougars, despite the Eagles losing. He is hoping to have a repeat performance against Marshall tomorrow. We got a chance to catch up with Gerald about everything yesterday.

Even though USM's backs are against the wall right now, their approach towards this season hasn't changed much.

"We are sticking to what we do, and that's hard work" said Baptiste "We have been in the game every time this season and if we stick to working hard then good things will eventually happen."

The Eagles haven't looked terrible in any game this season, so what is the reason for the 5-4 record?

"The fourth quarter has just been killing us" said Baptiste "I think the only problem with this team is that we haven't been able to finish."

Even though Southern Miss is 5-4, they still virtually control their own destiny in conference play, something they couldn't say last year.

"This is the position that you want to be in" said Gerald "There are a whole lot of teams in the country that can't say that and last year we were one of them."

There is a sense of urgency among the team, but they are still looking at it as one game at a time.

"We are not taking anything for granted and we aren't looking forward past Marshall" said Baptiste "That is where our goals are right now."

So how did it feel for Gerald, having such a tremendous game last week versus Houston?

"Oh I just did my job, I give all of the credit to the Offensive Line and Martevious doing what they needed to do to get me in that position."

The big performance isn't going to take away from Gerald's humble disposition.

"I wouldn't pass on another performance like that at all" said Baptiste "But I am just looking to go out there and have fun, run my routes the way I run them and hopefully the ball will come my way."

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