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Troy Clardy of, Nov 30, 2016
When it comes to watching Christian McCaffrey in a Stanford uniform, the Card's bowl game could be the last time. May be the last time, Troy doesn't know. We do know that it's the final Clardy's Corner of the season!   Full Story
Christian McCaffrey

Troy Clardy of, Nov 23, 2016
Stanford going undefeated this month should make for a November to remember, right? Troy isn't getting that sense. This week's Corner explores!   Full Story
The Axe

Troy Clardy of, Nov 16, 2016
Where will the 119th Big Game be won or lost? To Troy, the answer is obvious.   Full Story
Stanford defense

Troy Clardy of, Nov 9, 2016
While the NFL cools off, college football is still hot. Can college football sustain its momentum?   Full Story
Stanford Stadium

Troy Clardy of, Nov 2, 2016
It was a small moment that may have been forgotten by many who watched Stanford's win over Arizona. But for Troy, it spoke volumes.   Full Story

Troy Clardy of, Oct 26, 2016
Troy breaks out his red pen in the annual Clardy's Corner tradition.   Full Story

Troy Clardy of, Oct 19, 2016
Every fan's journey starts somewhere. That's why Troy is more excited than most to see Stanford host Colorado this Saturday.   Full Story

Troy Clardy of, Oct 12, 2016
It's time to take stock of Stanford Football's bright spots and its points for improvement. Unfortunately, heading into the Notre Dame road trip, one list is longer than the other.   Full Story

Troy Clardy of, Oct 5, 2016
No matter which direction Stanford's season goes from here, the offensive line will lead the way.   Full Story

Troy Clardy of, Sep 28, 2016
Stanford's result against UCLA was a reminder to trust the process. Even when you can't process its results.   Full Story

Troy Clardy of, Sep 21, 2016
The more things change, the more things stay the same. USC learned this the hard way last week. Could UCLA be next?   Full Story

Troy Clardy of, Sep 14, 2016
The object of the game is to score more points than the other team. So why, at the game's most crucial moment, do many coaches believe that one point is better than two?   Full Story

Troy Clardy of, Sep 7, 2016
If time heals all wounds, why is Troy more irritated now about last year's Heisman vote than he was when it happened?   Full Story

Troy Clardy of, Aug 31, 2016
Think Stanford's QB competition is over? You might need to think again. Clardy's Corner kicks off its 15th season on The Bootleg by going under center.   Full Story
Ryan Burns

Mark Morales-Smith of, Jun 3, 2016
These are the best backs in College Football right now. Dynasty owners: you need to know these guys! Click the arrow in the images below for the full list.   Full Story

Dan Weber of, Apr 27, 2016
Lots of talk about quarterback battles and replacing entire units and for some, just getting back in the game. Here's a talking tour through the rest of the Pac-12.   Full Story

Mark DeVaughn of, Jan 12, 2016
There’s no doubting the NFL’s popularity. There’s no stopping an entity syndicated columnist Norman Chad once described as “the fourth branch of government.” But college football is better.   Full Story

2016 Rose Bowl celebration

(Wyo)MizzouCard of, Jan 4, 2016
"After becoming a Stanford fan in 1980, I spent two decades wondering if I would ever see our beloved Cardinal in the Rose Bowl. Now I am about to enter the Rose Bowl clad in cardinal for the third time. ..." This and much more from our man in the "ketchup section".   Full Story

The postgame scene

Daniel Novinson of, Jan 1, 2016
"A touchdown might have been prettier, but the pick is a more fitting final moment for Kevin Hogan's Stanford career. He was a polarizing player: some would say inconsistent, some would say underappreciated – but after today, what's indisputable is that Kevin Hogan was nothing if not a winner." As he often did, Hogan defied expectations -- throwing a last-minute touchdown and exiting a champion.   Full Story

Kevin Hogan, two-time RB champion

Daniel Novinson of, Jan 1, 2016
Big Ten now down 76-3 in its two marquee games of the year for those keeping track at home. With the SEC and Pac-12 both strong thus far, Oklahoma State-Ole Miss and Oregon-TCU might end up deciding this year's conference supremacy. But yet again the West outperforms expectations, which is either one incredible fluke or evidence that the nation systemically underrates the conference, your choice.   Full Story

DE Mike Tyler, 2016 breakout player?

Daniel Novinson of, Jan 1, 2016
Bye! Quenton Meeks jumps an obvious flat route that Beathard stared down, and the Hawkeyes dialed up one time too many. Meeks catches cleanly and with his momentum taking him right to the Cardinal end zone, no one is going to catch him. The rout is on after a great opening 10 minutes!    Full Story

DB Quenton Meeks

Daniel Novinson of, Jan 1, 2016
Then, on fourth down, Christian McCaffrey fields his first punt of the afternoon, and Iowa can defend the play no better than No. 5's first catch of the afternoon. He runs past two players immediately with the help of his blockers, and then he cuts upfield in the open field to make one Iowa defender [Edit: their leading tackler, it turns out] miss. That's all it takes for a 63-yard punt return.   Full Story

Stanford's latest Heisman runner-up

Mark DeVaughn of, Jan 1, 2016
Both Iowa and Stanford share common ground in folks like Bob Bowlsby and Dr. Tom Davis. But which campus boasts the most legendary concert venue? Who has the most Pro Football Hall of Famers? May the facts speak for themselves.    Full Story
Stanford Football

Mark DeVaughn of, Jan 1, 2016
The moral to the author’s visit to this year’s Pac-12 title game: Put yourself out there. You might experience something historic.    Full Story
Ronnie Harris, Blake Martinez, Kyle Murphy, Joshua Garnett

R.J. Abeytia of, Dec 30, 2015
Coach Tavita Pritchard talks about the Cardinal's Pac-12 Championship, Kevin Hogan, and his own Stanford Journey from QB to Coach of a team headed to its 3rd Rose Bowl in 4 years.   Full Story