Oregon/Stanford Post-Game Quotes

After the conclusion of tonight's 52-31 loss to Oregon, The Bootleg was on hand to get instant reaction from a disappointed Stanford team. Read on for post-game quotes from coach Jim Harbaugh, linebacker Shayne Skov, and quarterback Andrew Luck

Post-game Q and A with coach Jim Harbaugh

How was their offense?

Talk a little bit about how tough it is to stop them, their speed and their hurry up?
It's very, very difficult.

Was the Owusu fumble the key play of the game, or do you think the momentum was just turning all on their side in the second half?
That was a big play, one of the big plays in the game. There were others and even after that we had opportunities and the team was moving the ball and had chances but I'm proud of my guys, I'm forever proud of them. We'll keep our heads up and we'll come back next week. It wasn't our day today.

Early in the game you seemed to handle the Autzen atmosphere. What was the difference in the second half?
I think things didn't quite go our way in the second half. We didn't handle some situations that could have put points on the board for us but the guys really left the peripheral things out like the crowd and the noise and the big game hype and just focused on what they had to do and going out and executing. For the most part I thought they did a great job of that and Oregon did a great job of that as well, did a better job. That's what I saw.

Did they do anything differently defensively in the second half that made it tough?
No…maybe. We'll see when we look at the tape. They did a very effective job of keeping us off the scoreboard in the second half.

In the first half when they did the onside kick and went for it on fourth down deep inside their territory did you feel like you had them on the ropes a little bit, for them to resort to stuff like that?
There was a lot of football left to be played at that point.

Were you surprised by the onside kick?
Yeah, I was surprised by it.

(Inaudible question)
There was one of them, there was one of them, but you realize there's going to be adversity in a football game and when it comes you have to focus even more, play even harder. It will be interesting to look at film at some of the plays that really changed the game like the onside kick and the play we were called for pass interference and a couple other ones and see exactly what it was and see what we can learn from that, see what we can glean from that and go from there.

Like Toby last year, LaMichael James tonight came up with plays when they really needed it…
He's a great back. No question about it. Really good football player, really Barry Sanders like. Very impressive.

Darron Thomas ran more tonight than he had run all season. Were you thinking that might happen? Your thoughts about why and how that happened?
Yeah, we were thinking he could do that. Oregon has a lot of weapons, no question about it, at the running back position, at the receiver position, at the quarterback position. You have to expect that all of them are going to get their number called and you have to be able to defend them all.

What do you think it's going to take for anybody to beat the Ducks this year in the Pac-10?
Play a better football game.

The fumbled snap at the goal line, do you know what happened on that?
No I don't.

Post-game Q and A with Stanford linebacker Shayne Skov

What's it like playing this Oregon offense?
It's real tough. They're great at what they do. Unfortunately we just didn't come in prepared this week and they did a great job running the ball. They deserve the win. They kicked our butt.

Did you feel like that onside kick kind of changed the momentum?
No. I mean defensively we just didn't play a good game. And they had a great offensive game. That one onside kick didn't make or break the game. We made a lot of mistakes and they played great offensively.

Did you think coming in that if the offense scored over 30 you'd have a good chance to win?
We have full belief in our defense, we still do. This game doesn't change anything. We definitely thought we were going to be able to come in here and help deliver the win, between the offense and the defense. And we just didn't deliver today.

Oregon's previous games Thomas hadn't run nearly as much as he ran tonight. Is that a wrinkle you were expecting. Just your thoughts on the impact that had?
No, I don't think we initially expected that but it was probably a key part of their game plan and obviously it worked this week.

Shayne can you talk a little bit about what it's like to tackle that guy (LaMichael James)?
I mean it's tough. He's quick and he's shifty behind his blockers but when you get the opportunity you have to wrap up and play sound defense. We didn't tackle today.

Was it tough adjusting from Notre Dame to a team like this? Playing a slower team on grass to facing a team like this on turf?
No, we had a plan installed and we didn't execute. They are a very good offense, I'm not taking anything away from them. They're great at what they do and they're probably the best team in the country at running that spread option. We just didn't execute. We didn't tackle.

Post-game Q and A with Andrew Luck

How much did the crowd bother the offense?
I don't think it was that big of a factor. I think we had one false start penalty but other than that I think everyone was on the same page.

What do you think was the problem…you were sailing along in the first half piling up points. What happened in the second half?
Oregon outplayed us in the second half. We made mistakes, they made us pay for the mistakes. They forced us into making mistakes and I think all the credit goes to them.

They got more pressure on you in the second half. It didn't look like they got much pressure on you in the first half.
I think so. I haven't watched the film yet so I don't know exactly but they outplayed us for sure.

Did they change things up at all. Anything?
I‘m not sure.

What happened on the fumbled snap at the goal line?
That was my fault. I pulled out too early and we took a negative play.

They seemed to get a lot of hits on you, maybe more than you're accustomed to. How are you doing with that and did it faze you at all towards the end of the game?
Part of football is getting hit. I don't think anybody plays and expects to keep their uniforms clean per say anytime they go out onto the field. I try not to let it faze me. You have to play.

How much do you think your team missed Ryan Whalen in this game?
Whales is a great player. We voted him offensive captain earlier in the year and he's a very steady, solid receiver. We definitely missed him but I don't think our offense looks at it like we can't do anything without Whales. I think we've had receivers step up. We won without him last week so we expected to win without him this week but obviously it didn't go that way.

Given the stakes, how disappointing is this loss for you guys?
Very disappointing.

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