BPR Oct. 21: Starting the second half

Stanford's off a bye, but how did TreeBoy use his improvement week? There's only one way to tell, as you'll have to check out the one, the only, the truly incomparable... Boot Power Ratings.

Oregon 95

When the tub toys take the turf Thursday night, it will be the first time ever as No. 1 in the AP Top 25. Oregon is also tops in the land in overall offense and points scored, and if it were an official statistic, they would be No. 1 in second-half defense. Add to that having the front-runner for the LaHeisman and it's good to be a mallard these days.

Stanford 94

The Card was one of many teams who took a breather this weekend, but you can bet that no team worked harder to gear up for the back stretch of the Pac X season. After taking their lumps against the two best offenses they will face, the Stanford "D" looks to reassert itself against an overmatched, though improved Cougar squad. Stanford's "O" will no doubt be in liberal substitution mode by mid-third quarter.

Arizona 85

Football karma came back to bite the Cats as they saw their leader go down with a knee injury just one week after ending an opposing player's season. Luckily they didn't need Foles to finish off overmatched Wazzu and bounce back from a stinging home loss to OSU. Zona looks to exact some revenge on The Sarkies after losing on one of the more bizarre pick-sixes in football history last year.

USC 84

Trojan fans have been waiting for this team to assert itself all season, and apparently all it took was consecutive last-second losses to bring out the beast. Passing for nearly 800 yards with eight touchdowns and zero interceptions, "Air" Barkley has $C humming on offense, making the showdown in LA with Oregon one to watch. First one to 60 wins.

Washington 77

Surprise surprise, there is some bite to go along with this dog's bark after all. The Pups' postseason aspirations got a big boost when they prevented Oregon State from converting a premature two-point conversion try in the second frame of overtime. UW will mush their way on down south for a Tucson Tangle, trying to win back-to-back road games for the first time in eight years.

Oregon State 76

After such a challenging intro to the 2010 season, last week's game at Montlake was supposed to mark the beginning of the soft underbelly of OSU's schedule. Thanks to the suddenly pick-happy Ryan Katz and the inexplicable misuse of Jacquizz in the red zone, Riley's Rodents lost a heartbreaker in overtime and have an extra week to stew over it.

Arizona State 70

Suddenly the win in Seattle looks more impressive than it did at face value, and also keeps ASU in the thick of things as teams jockey for bowl position. The Devils have had success thwarting offensive weapons and will have all guns aimed at kal tailback Shane Vereen in hopes of ending the weenies' home winning streak. It's been two games since Vontaze "No One Is" Burfict picked up a personal foul, which has to be a personal best.

kal 68

Oye Oski, that was ugly. If what they say about two being a pattern and three a trend is true, I think it's safe to conclude that kal is not the same team when they leave the friendly confines of Strawberry Canyon. As Memorial Stadium figuratively and literally crumbles under the weight of an over-budget athletic department, Bear fans are running for cover, only to find their players have beaten them to the foxholes.


Still scratching their collective heads over the drubbing they took in Berserkeley a couple of weeks ago, some starters used the bye week to earn a suspension from their choir-boy coach, a fantastic way to prepare for the toughest game of the year.

Washington State 44

The Cougs' lucky number is 13, which happens to be how many consecutive losses they have in conference play since they sent Tyrone out the door with his dubious final record. Even coming close and covering spreads is starting to get old, and Wazzunation is itching for the actual thing. Meanwhile, as if heading into Palo Alto was a tall enough task, Stanford will be rabid to hit the field and opposing players after not doing so for 13 days.

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