BPR, Oct. 26: Card steady at No. 2

"When does a win feel like a loss? Ask Cardinalnation and its inhabitants. Coming off an uninspired performance on a drizzly homecoming afternoon, at least Stanford can take solace in the fact that this was the first game that didn't yield an injury casualty..."

Oregon 96

Last Thursday's prime-time matchup with UCLA showcased one of the largest disparities in offensive execution the college football world has ever seen. Still lighting up the scoreboard like a slot machine, Ore-y-gun can't get any respect from the BCS brain trust as they were denied the No. 1 spot for consecutive weeks. That might be a good thing considering what happens to teams in the position, and Oregon just may use the snub as motivation when they fly south for Halloween at The Coliseum.

Stanford 92

When does a win feel like a loss? Ask Cardinalnation and its inhabitants. Coming off an uninspired performance on a drizzly homecoming afternoon, at least Stanford can take solace in the fact that this was the first game that didn't yield an injury casualty. If nothing else, the team should be focused and ready to get back on Harbs' good side, which is bad news for UW and Locker, whose tender ribs are on the menu.

Arizona 88

If backup Matt Scott keeps performing like this, there may be a quarterback controversy when Nick Foles comes off the DL. Scorching the Huskies with his arm and legs, Scott lead his mates to a decisive victory and kept the kittens' remote chances of a conference title alive. Meanwhile, in the special teams department, place kicker Alex Zendejas is not living up to his storied heritage, having had two PATs blocked so far this season.

USC 84

It seems odd that Reggie Bush has garnered more ink and electrons in the press coverage of the southern gals' 2010 crusade than the current players, but a marquee match-up (and dare I predict win?) vs. The Eugene Emeralds should change that. $C has plenty of weapons to match scoring drives with Oregon, but it was the uptick in defensive performance against kal that has the nation on upset alert.

Oregon State 76

After watching Arizona dismantle the dawgs, OSU has to wonder how they beat the former but not the latter. On a more positive note, Jacquizz Rodgers continues to move up the list of Pac Ten record holders for running back categories. Should he stick around to graduate with his brother next year, he will no doubt be among the league's bests when he hangs up his size six shoes.

kal 74

Apparently the ursine were looking ahead to ASU when they got clobbered at Troy. That foresight and an extra week to prepare was enough to come up with another lopsided home win, staving off the yearly nosedive for just another week. When asked if he ever considered benching Riley, Teddy-ford Bear replied, "Not even for a second." Don't patronize us with your false confidence Jeff, we all know the real reason you trotted Kevin out there is that you don't have a viable backup.

Washington 72

Being outplayed in every facet of the game makes one wonder what life after Jake Locker is going to be like in Seattle. Even the most faithful Husky backers suffering from purple priapism are fed up with Sark's inconsistent product, and Nick Holt Hogan's turnstile defense is wearing thin. Brother!!

Arizona State 64

Tempe Tech must have stayed at the same cursed hotel as every other visitor to Memorial Stadium this year, as they were run off the carpet faster than you can say "Dennis Erickson has mailed it in." Losing Stevie Threet to a concussion in the first half excuses the offense, but the defense allowing weenie QB Kevin Riley to look like a scholarship player is unforgivable. With the toughest part of their schedule still ahead of them, the stunned devils should follow their intrepid leader into the dark.


Most coaches chose to suspend their starters for games that are predetermined wins, but in this case Coach N went against the grain and suspended his starting WR and FB knowing they wouldn't factor into the inevitable beat down. As feckless as Kevin Prince was, he at least had some career wins under his belt, something reliever Richard Brehaut has yet to accomplish during his glorious Bruin tenure.

Washington State 46

They might not have any wins to show for it, but Wulff's Warriors have given the conference's best coaches some heartburn and headache. As they close the gap on the rest of the bottom feeders and shed the doormat moniker that has plagued them the last three years, a modest goal of finishing 9th or better seems reasonable. If it doesn't happen, they can probably make Colorado take the small room when they move in next year.

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