Admitted, Chasson Randle commits to Stanford

Chasson Randle has had a busy two weeks, with his official visits to Illinois and Stanford on successive weekends. Now, he has a busier month yet, with his senior season tipoff looming alongside a self-imposed decision deadline of Thanksgiving. Randle publically committed to Stanford the day after this interview, and now you can hear what he had to say the night before his decision!

"We start practice on November 8," Chasson Randle (CHASE-in) told The Bootleg in a Tuesday night interview. "I'm really working on all aspects of my game: ball handling, shooting, pulling up, getting stronger. I'm trying to work on everything. The game is a lot quicker at the next level, so I try to work on speed with everything."

As we're mere weekend warriors, The Bootleg was curious -- what's a typical workout like for Randle, a future Division I athlete?

"I go to weight room too, but in the gym, I do a lot of ball handling first, then sprints, then more ball handling, shooting, free throws, shoot some more, and then end with sprints and free throws," he said.

The practice has paid off, as three schools, Illinois, Purdue and Stanford, offered Randle,'s No. 9 point guard in his 2011 class, full rides. After visiting all three campuses and interacting with each program's players and staff, Randle had to choose between them quickly, as he hoped to announce by Thanksgiving Day, the start of his senior season.

"I'm all done with visits," he said Tuesday night. "Now it's just a process of elimination. Where do I want to go and spend my next four years academically and athletically?

"Illinois, Stanford and Purdue are all great. I can't say anything bad about them. Each coach, each host, each school did a great job putting together everything and showing me a good time, and that makes this decision tough for me."

Does Randle, we wondered Tuesday night, have a leader?

"In my head, yeah, but I'm not going say yet," he said at the time. "It's really with how comfortable I feel. I want to make my decision [public] whenever I feel comfortable."

One factor that may make Randle more comfortable with signing with Stanford is that, should he choose to sign with the Cardinal, he would in fact be able to attend Stanford. That logic may sound circular, but plenty of student-athletes in years past have shied away from publically committing to Stanford until they submitted their applications, heard about their admission status, and knew for a fact that were they to commit to the Farm, the Farm would indeed have a place for them next September.

Thankfully for Stanford basketball and Randle alike, that process is done, as Randle was admitted to Stanford about two weeks ago.

"I've already been accepted," he said. "I got my letter last week, but I knew probably a week or so before when Coach Mike Schrage came and delivered the news to my coach. I was really proud because it was a lot of work, all of the essays and having to do the recommendation letters and answering all the questions. It's something I was definitely not used to, as it was my first time having to fill out an application. I'm just happy with the result.

"When Coach Schrage came and let my coach know, I was like, ‘Man, oooh,' like a sigh of relief came over me. I put so much work into something, and I don't know if I got in, if I made it or not. It was kind of tough not knowing what was going on, but now it's a great feeling. I'm just happy with the results. … [My parents] were all happy for me, glad that the hard work had paid off, and really excited to see the letter come in and hear about the news."

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So while Randle had an idea of where he's leaning, he was about the only one as of this interview, as he didn't tip his hand one way or the other with The Bootleg. He was understandably happy to get into Stanford, but he said good things about Purdue and Illinois too, and wanted to solidify his decision in his head before he lets us media know what he's thinking.

Just a day later, Wednesday Oct. 27, Randle publically announced his commitment to Stanford. We welcome Chasson to the Farm and wish him all the best for the next four years!

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