BPR, Nov. 3: Card No. 2, 'Zona No. 3

"What's that about Husky Stadium being a tough venue for visitors? Stanford has taken three straight at Montlake, none more convincing than the most recent pummeling of the pups, notching their second road shutout this season." Read on, as TreeBoy lays out his case in this week's BootPowerRatings...

Oregon 98

The goal for most teams during a two-minute drill is to get into field goal range and possibly score a touchdown, but for the mallards, anything short of three scores in the same time span would be disappointing. In what was probably their last chance to suffer defeat this year, Oregon does what is always does and literally ran away with the game in the second half. One can only guess at home many records will be broken by season's end.

Stanford 95

What's that about Husky Stadium being a tough venue for visitors? Stanford has taken three straight at Montlake, none more convincing than the most recent pummeling of the pups, notching their second road shutout this season. So much for the notion of running back by committee, as Stepfan Taylor has gotten the Toby share of the carries and made the most of it, racking up five straight 100 yard games. With the nation watching this Saturday night, The Card look to avenge last year's heartbreaker when the Tucson Tabbies come calling.

Arizona 90

As surprisingly well as Matt Scott has played in his relief role, he was almost lifted in the fourth quarter when his mistakes let UCLA back into the game. Scott held it together though, allowing Nick Foles to keep his kneecap from sliding down behind his calf, and pushed Mike Stoops' overall record vs. El Lay to 5-2. Padding their defensive stats against the offensively-challenged members of the conference, Zona must now face a three-game gauntlet of offensive prowess: at Stanford, vs. USC and at Oregon.

Oregon State 81

Back in action after inexplicably losing to UW, the bark rats reinforced their dam and completely shut down Berkeley's offense. When not tossing picks, Katz and Co. can put up points with the best of 'em, and even Quizz got into the act with a TD pass. Perhaps Harbaugh should consult with Mike Riley before Big Game, as his 8-1 record of success would indicate he has Tedford's number.

USC 80

Up by three early in the third quarter, it looked like $C had a good chance to win their "Bowl Game." Then reality came crashing in as UO went on a 24-0 run to finish off the Kiffin family. With no marquee match-ups for the next few weeks, look for the toejams to stumble through their next couple of games before they finish with Notre Dame and rival UCLA.

Arizona State 68

Though it would have made zero sense geographically, being placed in the North Division of the Pac 12 would have made ASU feel better about their immediate football future. After wrecking Wazzu to the tune of 42-0, Erickson's Evil improved their mark against Washington schools to 8-0, meaning their record against everyone else during the last four years is 2-15. From the lips of Lisa Love (ASU's AD) came the kiss of death for headman Dennis, as she announced he has her full support in returning for next season.

kal 67

Apparently kal's budget problems force them to send their JV squad to away games. In yet another over-before-it-begins road performance, this time to the benefit of The Beavs, the weenies added injury to insult as pseudo-QB Kevin Riley twisted his tendons beyond immediate repair. The good news is that the Sharks look like a Stanley Cup team.

Washington 60

When your punter is the only one garnering praise, you know it had to be a forgettable game. At least it wasn't prolonged agony, as the total game time was only 2 hours and 33 minutes, which is roughly how long Jake Locker's name spent on the Heisman Hopeful Watch this season. Trying to get his guys focused while heading to certain slaughter in Eugene, Coach Sark must be wondering how much milk he can squeeze out of wins over $C.


When the Blue-ins have come out on the winning side of a contest, it has been through a successful rushing attack and playing stout defense. They did neither at home last week, and thus Ricky N. had to deliver another eulogistic post-game speech to the dwindling diehards. On the plus side, no one has failed a drug test so far this week, so there may be no need to suspend starters for the OSU game.

Washington State 41

Just when it seemed like the trophy boyfriend chasers were on an upward trajectory, they went down to Phoenix and "Coog'd" it. Still, you have to like their chances at home against a suddenly moribund kal team, and if they can't end their conference losing streak then, there is always the Apple Cup, aka "The Rally to Save Coach's Job."

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