Prepare for the Hulk!

Brandon Hancock from Clovis West in Fresno is like no kid his age you've ever seen before, but he was right on Stanford's campus for the Nike camp to wow the world. Better yet, he likes Stanford and could be an early verbal. You have to see this kid to believe him, but fortunately we have photos to boot!

Brandon Hancock
6'1" 242#
Fresno, CA (Clovis West)

4.49 40, 4.39 shuttle
39" vertical
43 reps @ 185#
(times and measurements from 05/19 Stanford Nike camp) Brandon, you obviously had a great day today. How did you feel about the camp, in comparison to your time here last year?
Brandon "Hulk" Hancock: This year was really beneficial to me. I went through some injury last season, so this gave me a chance to prove that I'm back healthier than ever. This year, I put on 20 pounds of lean muscle. I jumped higher, I ran faster, I benched more. This is great becuase it shows a little bit of my motivation and improvement as far as what I can do when a setback occurs. It was good, and I'm really pleased with how I did. How were the drills for you - did you pick up anything?
Brandon "Hulk" Hancock: Yeah, there was a lot new for me today. To tell you the truth, I haven't yet hit a position that I've played a couple years in a row - I'm still shifting around. I'm kinda new to the fullback position, still some at linebacker. Yeah, they had a lot of good things going on, and a lot of knowledgeable people around. Good stuff. What are your thoughts on your positions: linebacker, defensive end and fullback? Where do you think you'll have the most success or have the most fun?
Brandon "Hulk" Hancock: I think I'll have the most fun playing fullback, but it will take more work and refinement. I need more work on my foot skills and carrying the ball in practice. Naturally with my body, I think fullback will be best for me. On the defensive side of the ball, I felt pretty good playing defensive end as a sophomore. I had a pretty good season there. But only time will tell. As of right now, I'm leaning to playing fullback on offense. Do you see yourself more as a blocking fullback, ball carrier or receiving back?
Brandon "Hulk" Hancock: I feel I can be pretty versatile. I'm big enough to block, but I also have pretty good hands and good feet. I can see myself in a flavor of West Coast offense, where I catch swing passes, run or lead block. Speaking of the West Coast, there were a lot of coaches looking at you here today. Can you tell us your top list of schools at this point?
Brandon "Hulk" Hancock: Probably the top two schools I'm looking at right now are Stanford and Michigan. Michigan is the only school to offer me a full ride as of this date. Stanford - I get a good impression of them, and where they are headed in the future. Another Pac-10 school I like a lot is USC. I'm kinda interested to see how their next season will go. I really want a good blend of academics as well as athletics because I think it's really important to have a blend of both. This summer, I'm going up to work out at Washington and Oregon, possibly. Then going back East to Notre Dame - I'd really like to see a few of those campuses, as well. And then I hope to be able to make a decision by early fall, before the season starts You mention the early fall timetable, but also wanting to see how USC plays this fall. How does that all factor in with your timeframe?
Brandon "Hulk" Hancock: Well, my football coach is really stressing that I should make an early decision by July, but that all depends on who offers. I'm not going to close any doors. If there's a school I'm really set on, and they won't offer until after the season, then I'm not going to just accept an earlier offer just because of what my coach is saying. Still, I would like to get my offers set to make a decision before football season, so I can have fun and not have to worry about the decision, mistakes or injuries during my senior season. You mentioned Michigan, USC and Stanford as three top schools. Could you please say what is attractive to you about each of those schools?
Brandon "Hulk" Hancock: Well Stanford obviously because they have a beautiful campus - a beautiful area and the weather's great. They have a good all-around program, and the academics are really second to none in the country. I really like the morale of the football team. I've had the chance to watch a practice or two and talk to the coaches, which was impressive. Michigan obviously is going to be a national powerhouse, year-in and year-out. They have a really good business school, which is what I'm looking to pursue. SC is kinda the same thing. They're always a top notch college as far as academics go. I know they have potential, with a good pool they draw from down there. I know that they can be good. They have good support and alumni. They all have these factors tied together. It's just a matter of who will offer what, and what my final decision will come down to. Hopefully more time and experience at the colleges will help give me an answer. Have you gotten any input yet from your mother or father (Mr. and Mrs. Hancock smiling a few feet away) with how they feel about your decision and these schools?
Brandon "Hulk" Hancock: Basically they just want me to be happy. They want me to make the decision. Obviously academics is important to them, since football isn't going to last me forever. My dad likes Stanford a lot, and I don't blame him. (grins, and parents laugh) He likes Michigan too.
Mrs. Hancock: Your grandfather...
Brandon "Hulk" Hancock: Yeah, my grandparents are alumni of Stanford and USC. You've talked a lot about academics. Can you tell us a little bit about your grades, scores and classes you've taken?
Brandon "Hulk" Hancock: I've had a 4.0 all the way through high school. I've taken your basic biology and chemistry, but now I'm taking anatomy & physiology, which is a really fun subject for me. Math, I'm doing statistics and probability. I'm in my third year of foreign language. I'll take some Bible lit next year. I plan on taking another AP next year, maybe math or biology or environmental science - something like that. Obviously the first thing that catches somebody's eye when they see you out here is your incredible physique and the work you've done to make yourself strong and fast. What have you done in particular, versus other kids your age, that has put you in such great shape?
Brandon "Hulk" Hancock: Just starting at an early age. I've worked with nutritionists and trainers who have been very knowledgeable and who have also supplied me with the right information, the right techniques. I've slowly but surely put on a foundation and built upon that as I grew up. I was able to maximize my growth spurt because I got started before I started maturing. A good diet is really important. Being really intense in the gym day-in and day-out, 5 or 6 days a week. Also knowing how to rest and stretch is really important as well. Well, it sure has paid off, Brandon. Thank you.
Brandon "Hulk" Hancock: Thank you.

I was blown away by this kid last year at the Stanford Nike camp, as he displayed a hulkish physique as a sophomore that had every participant and observer a-buzz. Somehow, he successfully added to his sculpted frame, particularly in the upper body, and at the same time slashed and smashed his times and numbers. I don't know that a kid has ever done more reps in the weight room at a Stanford Nike camp, and yet he outjumped many NBA players and still lowered his 40-time from 4.75 to 4.49. This is freakish. This is out of this world. But this kid is a very strong Stanford lean, with a 4.0 GPA and good enough SAT score that he should break through Old Union pretty soon. He and his parents said that the application is just about ready for Stanford, with a lot of time being spent on the essays. Apparently, the last one on the application is the last remaining for him to tackle. It's easy to see that this kid is as serious about his schoolwork and academic future as he is about football and his fitness. Scary stuff.

Brandon came to the camp last year as a middle linebacker and defensive end, while he worked out primarily as a fullback this year. He seems rather determined to be a world-class fullback, and who's to tell him otherwise? The Stanford staff see a world of potential, and are happy to bring him in as a fullback. Several people at the camp wondered how that frame would move around on the field, which was answered well. If his times don't impress you enough about his agility and speed, I'll vouch for what I saw with him running and catching the ball in drills. He's a beast who can move surprisingly well laterally, as well as north-south with his frame.

This kid is a serious blue chip recruit, with freakish talents just busting out. And I believe he'll be an early Stanford commit, provided nothing gets caught up in Old Union. Count Brandon "Hulk" Hancock as the first superstar in the 2002 class where Stanford has a heavy lead.

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