First Look at Spring Hoops Practice

Hoops practice in Maples in May? Everything is turned upside down for this squad preparing for their trip Down Under. Stan4Hoops got a look at the boys for Monday's first practice and has some observations...

A young spirited Cardinal Basketball team took the court Monday evening. Coach Montgomery put the troops through a Basketball 101 class. Proper spacing, catching the in triple threat position and technique were stressed.

At one point Monty had a discussion many of us have had on this board. It went something like this ' We aren't the quickest or fastest team. We need to rely on technique. When we have the ball we need to be like a wide receiver in football. In order to get separation we need to have proper footwork and know what we are doing". Thought of Long Winded during the talk.

Observations from an untrained eye:

Tyler practiced half the time. Curtis is out of the boot and on the bike. Kyle still hurt.

Jason looks like he has lost a few pounds

Matt appears to be the one who will get the most out of the extra practice and the trip down under.

Nick - very fluid

The fastest way to get PT is to pass and play good D. The sooner that some of the players learn that lesson, the happier we will all be.

Coach Fuller kept telling the team to slow down. A tribute to a young athletic (compared to past teams) team who are hungry to impress and play.

My impression when I was leaving was that the team was getting their October practice in early. If the new guys are fast learners we will be a good team. If Jason stays watch out.

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