MBB: Tulsa 65, Stanford 53

Media timeouts naturally cleave college basketball into ten four-minute periods, and we blog them all in a running diary detailing the Stanford-Tulsa game. The Cardinal defense played like Washington State for awhile, but unfortunately, so did the Stanford offense, as the Card fell 65-53.

20:00, first half: Early, it's 4-2 Card, and it looks like last night all over again. Powell and Owens are the only Cardinal scoring (okay, okay, it's obviously early tonight, but I couldn't resist), and Stanford's in foul trouble already, with two early whistles on Jarrett Mann. A baseline Trotter jumper from 18 is a nice touch I hadn't seen from him before, and after a Tulsa turnover and Owens miss, Owens fouls 14 feet away, and Tulsa brings the score to 6-4. Gabe Harris is in for Mann, and puts a 17-footer long. Green misses a wide-open three and a layup in consecutive possessions, then Powell gets whistled for fouling on a made jumper. Four Stanford fouls in the first four minutes, and like Powell's, they're just dumb fouls, not fouls where penetration has beaten Stanford or a player is late to recover. Still, Tulsa's not as good as Murray State, so I think the Cardinal's defense can hold them tonight. At any rate, Stanford already has more points, six, than California did in all of its first half against Notre Dame, five, the lowest total in the shot-clock era. Just sayin'. Stanford 6, Tulsa 6.

16:00: Nastic and Zimmermann enter, and the move pays immediate dividends, as Zimmermann draws two as he spins toward the hoop, and no-looks it to Nastic for an uncontested dunk. Nastic then gets whistled for a reach-in a good 15 feet from the hoop, and travels at the opposite end. But hey, it was Stanford's first TO of the night six minutes in, and besides, it looks like we have at least double last night's attendance of 67. Zimmermann hits a baseline J, and Tulsa throws it away. Josh Huestis, Aaron Bright and Anthony Brown enter the game. Stanford's backcourt has yet to score, continuing a theme from last night. Tulsa travels, and that's five turnovers for them seven minutes in. Teams are working out their kinks, just like Stanford is, but the Cardinal have to get some credit for a defense that I think is going to force a lot of TOs with its length. I wonder if all the fouls are a byproduct of the in-your-shorts defense Dawkins preaches, though. Stanford ends the period throwing it away twice. Stanford 10, Tulsa 9.

11:38: Another Tulsa turnover, and Bright airballs a three. A Tulsa weakside layup gives the Hurricanes their first lead of the night, but Owens responds with two down low. Green misses a fadeaway, and is 0-of-3 ten minutes in by my count. Yet another Tulsa turnover. Zimmermann throws it into the first row, and promptly gets pulled for Trotter. This is some ugly basketball. … Perhaps the biggest personnel notes thus far are that Nastic got in early, after getting no play last night, and that Bright has taken over the point guard duties with Mann and his two fouls on the bench. Of course this is the night Stanford has yet to shoot a free throw though. Powell and Green get O-boards on Stanford's next drive, but a Green charge wipes away what would have been his first bucket of the night. Mann comes back in and picks up his third foul, again fouling on a jumper. Back to the bench he goes, enter Gabe Harris. Tulsa makes its two free throws, and Stanford's down 15-12, the largest margin for either team thus far. Green misses on a reverse layup as this period draws to a close. Tulsa 15, Stanford 12.

8:00: You know you're watching some nothing channel at 12:30 a.m. Eastern when all the ads are for 800 numbers of ambulance chasers. Maybe instead of sending out surveys across the country, Neilson could gauge channel viewership this way – by just how low-budget the commercials are. … Yet another Tulsa turnover, but Harris responds in kind, passing it to two Tulsa players. An uncontested Tulsa layup at the other end, and it's 17-12 Hurricanes on the strength of a 10-2 run. Stanford just isn't playing well right now, but the D is keeping them in it. Owens comes back with a jump hook, but is grimacing running up the court. Stanford with its first legit foul of the night off penetration, and guard Jordan Clarkston, a true frosh himself, is stuck at 10 points after missing the pair. Most of those points have come off Aaron Bright, who looks more developed on the offensive side of the ball than on D right now. Tulsa misses a three, and with both teams on pace to finish near 40, don't look now, but we're Washington State, folks. Tulsa's Justin Hurtt has seven after throwing a dunk down and Stanford's D can only keep us in this for so long. Hopefully the O picks up soon, like it did in last night's second half. Tulsa 19, Stanford 14.

3:00: Nastic misses a baseline J, but responds with a block on the other end. Tulsa makes the game's first three, and Green tries to answer in kind but hits back rim. Nastic enters nicely to Green on a one-handed feed, and Green has a six-foot hook for his first points of the game. UConn transfer Scotty Haralson hits another three for Tulsa, but Stanford gets two offensive rebounds and can hold for the final shot of the half down 25-16. They call timeout, the game's first, drain the clock down, and Green drives the lane and gets a bailout call. He then airballs a fadeaway 18-footer to fittingly draw the half to a close. Tulsa 25, Stanford 16. Our football team should have more in tomorrow's first half, but again, at least we're not Cal. Overall, Stanford's 7-of-27 on the half, 26 percent. .

20:00, second half: Owens turns it over trying to find Powell to start the half. Mann gets blocked on a two-on-two break. Owens with another baby hook; he's made several tonight. Tulsa with a long J – they're heating up from outside as they've started to pull away tonight. On replay, Trotter didn't follow his man atop the zone, leaving him open for the J. Tulsa makes two layups and they're up 31-18 now, 32-18 after the free throw. Tulsa then gets two O boards on its next possession, but an Owens block gets Stanford the ball back. Green then drives the lane and draws a charge, his second offensive foul to wipe away a made bucket. Without those two makes, he's 1-of-9 tonight. Haralson with a wide-open three, his third of the night. Mann drives and throws it away, the 13th Card turnover. Tulsa's in the middle of an 18-4 run. Nastic misses an open three to bring us mercifully to the media timeout. Tulsa 35, Stanford 18.

15:40: Green misses another three and Powell's whistled for over the back on the rebound. Between the open misses and the reach-in fouls, it's almost like we're pressing, trying too hard to do too much. The turnovers can be a symptom of pressing too – as Zimmermann dribbles into a double team on cue and is stripped. Once these guys get their "sea legs" under them and calm down, hopefully things will go up from here. Zimmermann strips and dunks, then a Powell strip to Mann for another layup. Between all the madness, there are flashes of inspiration here. The color guy makes a good point – have we considered full court pressing to force turnovers? Third straight Tulsa turnover on a charge. Brown makes two free throws to pull Stanford within 35-24, a 6-0 run. Tulsa counters with good ball movement and a free throw, O board and putback down low. Then a Zimmerman offensive foul, Tulsa turnover, Owens turnover and Owens foul and we're at the break. Tulsa 38, Stanford 24

11:44:A Tulsa free throw, a Nastic free throw after a nice drive, a Stanford strip and a Green fast-break score and the margin's back down to 12. Green's fouled driving the lane but Stanford throws it away on the ensuing in-bounds. A Brown 18-footer, free throw line extended, and Stanford's within 10, down from 18. At least we keep fighting. Two Tulsa free throws, short Nastic three, two Tulsa O boards (we seem to give up a lot for our size, and are -6 in rebounds today), and a Tulsa bunny pushes the margin back to 14. Green misses another layup and Nastic picks up his third foul. Tulsa makes two free throws to push the lead back to 16. Harris drives into contact and makes a pair – I really like him offensively, don't know about his D – then Zimmermann dives for a loose ball and Stanford uses a timeout to retain possession. Green with a layup and the foul heading into the under-eight timeout. Tulsa 45, Stanford 33.

7:52: Green free throw, but then Green's third foul at halfcourt – the downside of trying a full-court press. Green responds with a long two to cut the margin to nine, and then it's Brown with an off-balance J from 18 to cut the lead to seven, down from 18. Do we have a game? Not yet, as Clarkson drives by Owens to draw an and-one. His missed free throw becomes a make due to a redo off a Zimmermann lane violation, 10-point game. Zimmermann draws the fifth foul on Tulsa's Maduka, but misses the front end of the one-and-one. Stanford's 8-of-10 today though, not bad. Clarkson from six feet to give the Hurricanes a more comfortable working margin. Both teams do nothing with their possessions, then it's Green from the baseline for his first three of the day. If only he played the first 35 minutes like he is his last five. Tulsa layup, as the man splits four Card defenders, then a Mann turnover, then a Tulsa O board (Tulsa's 35-27 now in boards) drains the clock down close to four minutes. Greeen draws a one-and-one and makes both to cut the lead to 52-43, with both teams in the double-bonus here out. Tulsa airballs a three and at the under-four timeout, it's Tulsa 52, Stanford 43

3:41: Owens with a jumper to cut the margin to 52-45, as close as Stanford has been in awhile. Hurtt drives the lane uncontested as Stanford goes for the strip instead of playing solid D, and his layup plus a missed Brown three gives Tulsa a 54-45 lead. Stanford draws a tie-up, but possession arrow stays with Tulsa. Nine-point game, 2:30 left. Idlet, Tulsa's big man, backs down Nastic, who is just not strong enough yet – and then Nastic can't secure a loose ball on the other end to highlight the point. He needs to hit the weight room. Two Tulsa free throws on Green's fourth and it's a 13-point game, but then it's Green with his special: an NBA-plus length three with the game already out of hand. Tulsa runs a stall offense but still draws a foul on late-clock penetration. Stanford coughs it up, Tulsa responds in kind with a double dribble, and then it's Green with another NBA-length three from the baseline. 60-51 Tulsa, one minute left. Green and our team play so much better when the pressure's off. Tulsa has a big enough lead and makes enough free throws that the final minute plays out uneventfully, though Bright does get a last-possession bucket. Final: Tulsa 65, Stanford 53

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