Ga. G Jasmine Camp closes '11 WBB profiles

Our last women's basketball commit profiled in the 2011 class is near and dear to the author, literally. (She lives maybe 15 minutes up the road.) Say hello to Chamblee, Georgia's Jasmine Camp, whose elite speed has earned her a spot in the incoming Stanford class.

Georgia guard Jasmine Camp fell in love with Stanford the same way so many of us did – at first sight.

"Well really, after my first visit out there, I fell in love with the school," she said. "Between the atmosphere and the coaches, Stanford always sold themselves as a winning program, and I was excited to go there and be a part of that program. The family style amongst their team and the way everybody competes every day drew me to the school. It's a school of exceptional people, and everybody acts pretty normal. You're amongst an elite class, but you feel right at home. "

Jasmine, us Stanford alums and fans appreciate the kind words about our school, though we've got to warn you, we're not so sure we all fit into anybody's definition of normal. At any rate, the official sufficiently sold Camp on Stanford that as soon as the fateful call from Coach V came, Jasmine knew where she wanted to spend her next four years.

"I think it's just that I had always watched their program on TV and had seen them before, but actually seeing the campus is what got me," she said. "The campus is what reeled me in; that was the final straw that got me. I had to find out if app had gone through though, and I found out in August, the second week [of my acceptance]. I called Coach back the next day and told her I'm coming."

Camp reported other offers from Illinois and Virginia Tech, and a desire counter to the prototypical student-athlete to go somewhere far away from home for college.

"I didn't want to stay close to home," she said. "Wherever I chose, distance didn't matter to me, I just didn't want to stay in Georgia. I've been here all my life, and I want to go out and see places."

The scouting report on Camp starts with fast, and so we asked Camp about her speed, and what she perceived as her other strengths.

"I guess I'm fast," she said. "I don't know. [Laughs.] But speed is a strength, being able to get up and down the floor and outrun players. Probably being vocal is another strength. I'm one of the loudest people ever to play with, and I'm constantly talking. As a point guard, you're the quarterback of the team, and you have to command. You see everything and instruct on where people need to be on the floor, so being vocal is an essential part of my game. Telling people to move and where things are is one of my biggest strengths as a point guard in general."

The flip side for Camp is that she admits she's been more aggressive with her larynx than she has with the basketball thus far in her career. She's trying to change that though, as she says her biggest area of focus right now is on driving the lane.

"I'm trying to improve getting to the basket more," she said. "Since I've been playing point guard most of my life, I'm a pass first or second player, so my weakness has been getting to the basket."

First, however, Camp is focused on making the most of her senior year.

"My high school isn't well known for sports, and really not for girls basketball, but we have been making State, and this year we have a really good chance of making a run," Camp said of her Chamblee High, playing in Georgia's second-largest classification of 4A. "I'm hoping we can get a state championship this year."

Camp won't be on a basketball court for every waking moment of her four years at Stanford, obviously. Much of her time will be spent studying, and Camp sees herself focusing in human biology, Stanford's post popular major for years now.

"Everybody tells me this will change, but I want to major in sports medicine, kinesthetics, a human biology type of course," she said. "‘Oh you'll change, you'll probably be a psych major,' is what I've been told. Okayyy [drawn out to expresses disbelief]. I just really have this aspiration to be a sports doctor. I've grown up around sports my entire life. My dad played football, basketball and baseball, my entire family played basketball and baseball. I'm drawn to and want to be around it, and am really interested in learning about the body."

As she hinted, Camp does come from an athletic family. Her father played basketball at Savannah State, her oldest brother, 29, is now a wine salesman after playing baseball at Grambling, and her other brother, 25, played basketball at Georgia State and overseas before becoming a probation officer. Now that it's her turn to star, Camp's excited that they'll have the chance to watch her play at the next level.

"They'll probably get to some games," she said. "I'm just really excited for it. I'm ready for college."

Off the court, Camp lists her hobbies as part-time comedian ("People claim I tell a lot of jokes"), and recreational drawer. The Bootleg wishes her and the rest of the 2011 class all the best in the four years to come!

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