OSU play-by-play analysis: 1st quarter

We graded out every meaningful snap from the OSU game, and here present every snap from the first quarter. Why did plays work or fail, and which Stanford players made the plays go? In a separate summary story, we tabulate everyone's contributions on the day and draw conclusions from our play-by-play analysis, but here is the meat and potatoes of perhaps Stanford's finest games of 2010. Soak it up!

First quarter

OSU defers, Stewart returns to the 27.

1st and 10, STAN 27 – Beeler (-2) gets blown off the line by Paea, handoff to Stewart loses seven.

2nd and 17, STAN 21 – Luck to Whalen (throw: 3, catch: 3) for five.

3rd and 12, STAN 27 – Luck (+.5) steps up to avoid pressure, throws a great 15-yard out (pass: 5, catch: 3) to Ertz for the first down.

1st and 10, STAN 45 – Bubble screen to Whalen (throw:3, catch: 3), who jukes (+1) out his man to turn two into six.

2nd and 4, OSU 49 – Play action to Wilkerson, Luck hit as he thrown, delivers high to Reuland, reeled in for three. Throw is inaccurate, but understandable, as Luck was hit while thrown. (Throw: 3, Catch: 2).

3rd and 1, OSU 46 - Dive to Marecic gets the first down. Good call (coaching +1), as the play caught OSU off guard – even though we've been running this on third and short all year. (+1 line).

1st and 10, OSU 43 – Four wide, line (+1) protects well, Luck to Whalen for seven. (Throw: 3, catch: 3).

2nd and 3, OSU 37 – Handoff to Taylor (+1), who avoids the backside pursuit to get seven. Martin and Phillips (+1 apiece) open up a big hole.

1st and 10, OSU 30 - Taylor (+0.5) gets hit at the 25, but fights to the 21. A great pull on this power run by Phillips (+1), and Marecic (+1) made it easy for Taylor by kicking out his man.

2nd and 1, OSU 21 – Line (+1) provides solid protection. Ertz is wide open (coaching +2) on a seam route for the touchdown. (Throw: 4, Catch: 3). On replay, we see Andrew Luck (+1) did a great job looking off the safety.

7-0 Stanford, 9:38 left in the first

Coaching (-0.5) for kicking it short to avoid the deep man, as OSU starts on its 34.

1st and 10, OSU 34 – D line (-1) gets no pressure, and Katz completes a comeback route Browning had decent coverage on. No ding on Browning, nothing he could do there.

1st and 10, OSU 45 – Huge hole on a handoff to Jacquizz Rodgers, but perhaps that's by design, as Howell (+1) fills to tackle after just 2. Solid tackle from Howell, as he was the only guy between Rodgers and the end zone.

2nd and 8, OSU 47 - Browning (-0.5, coaching -0.5) is playing too far off Wheaton given the five-man blitz, and Katz completes for the first down. Skov gets dinged (-0.5) for not taking a deeper drop and making this harder.

1st and 10, STAN 43 - Keiser pressures (+0.5), and then leaps and bats down (+1) Katz' pass.

2nd and 10, STAN 43 - Bubble screen works as neither Chase Thomas (-0.5) nor Sherman (-0.5) can get off their men. Howell fills after nine.

3rd and 1, STAN 34 – QB sneak stonewalled. Fua (+2) and Stephens (+2) get major kudos for stopping a QB sneak absolutely dead in its tracks – the QB can almost always eke out a foot or two. D line +2, as no OL had much penetration.

4th and 1, STAN 34 –Stanford shows a safety blitz out of a 5-2 formation, which may have spooked the tackle into jumping early (coaching +1). OSU punts, and Stanford starts on its 8. Huge stand. Still 7-0 Stanford.

1st and 10, STAN 8 - Taylor (-1) stumbles out of the handoff and loses two. He could have had 8, maybe more, as there was a huge hole (coaching +1) off right tackle. Hall (+1).

2nd and 12, STAN 6 – Draw to Taylor gets 15. Line (+1) provides solid blocking all around, partially because OSU's DLs were tearing upfield expecting a pass (coaching +1). Taylor (+1) gets the extra five yards for the first down with a juke.

1st and 10, STAN 21 – Luck in shotgun, five-yard gain to Whalen (Throw: 3, catch: 3).

2nd and 5, STAN 25 – Luck keeper gets all OSU's LBs to bite, and Luck gets the first down. Can't tell whether it was a keeper by design or because Luck pulled it and ran in a zone read look, so coaching +1 for the play call, and +1 for Luck for deciding to keep. DeCastro (+1) for a great block and O line (+1) for solid blocking all around.

1st and 10, STAN 32 – Phillips (+2) drives his man four yards downfield as we run for six. McGillicuddy (+1) comes across the run and opens a lane.

2nd and 4, STAN 38 – OL stalemates, Wilkerson (+1) climbs over the mess to bring 3rd and inches

3rd and inches, STAN 42 – Wilkerson gets two. Martin (+1) and Phillips (+1) open the hole. Line +1.

1st and 10, STAN 44 – Play action buys time (line +1), and Luck (+.5) steps up to buy another second. Luck throws a bomb a little inside to Baldwin, perhaps because Baldwin stumbles (-.5), so he can't quite make a diving catch. It was there though (coaching +1). (Throw: 4, Catch: 1).

2nd and 10, STAN 44 – Luck's hard count (+.5) helps draw OSU offside. Luck to Baldwin on a cross off a play action, easy, easy, easy. Good call (+1 coaching) and Baldwin (+1) just beat the OSU defense badly here. Line (+1) blocked this well. (Throw: 3, catch: 3).

1st and 10, OSU 42 – Luck deep touchdown to Baldwin (throw: 4, catch: 3) is wide open. Defensive holding declined, as it didn't stop Baldwin (+1). Line (+2) pass protects well on a deep route, Marecic (+1) and Phillips (+1) in particular. Coaching +1 again. We're giving a lot of coaching plusses – not trying to give the coaches too much credit at the expense of the players, but these are WIDE open.

Stanford 14, OSU 0, 2:21 first quarter.

OSU returns to 32.

1st and 10, OSU 32 – Stanford in a 5-2. Fua (+.5) slows up Rodgers but can't finish him off. His teammates do three yards downfield.

2nd and 7, OSU 35 – Blitzer picks up Skov (-.5). Sherman (-.5), playing too far off, allows the first on an out.

1st and 10, OSU 42 – Chase Thomas (-.5) gets kicked out, and Marecic, Mauro, Howell (-.5 apiece) fail to tackle, so Rodgers gains 9.

2nd and 4, OSU 49 – Bubble screen, Skov can't get there, but that's because he's an LB on a slot receiver who had a 5-yard head start. This was open by alignment. (Coaching -1). By the way, If I were doing this from OSU's perspective, I would ding the OSU staff a million times over for not going to these bubble screens and fly sweeps (which we don't see until the second half) sooner, because a pro-style offense wasn't open and on the few times OSU did spread it out, Stanford looked susceptible. Glad we have our offensive coaches.

1st and 10, STAN 43 – Draw, and Chase Thomas (+2) gets an ankle tackle. A blitzing Howell (-.5) had a shot, albeit a tough one, and missed, so this is a dangerous play Thomas erased here.

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