OSU play-by-play analysis: 2nd quarter

We graded out every meaningful snap from the OSU game, and here present every snap from the second quarter. Why did plays work or fail, and which Stanford players made the plays go? In a separate summary story, we tabulate everyone's contributions on the day and draw conclusions from our play-by-play analysis, but here is the meat and potatoes of perhaps Stanford's finest games of 2010. Enjoy!

Start of second quarter, 14-0 Stanford, OSU ball

2nd and 12, STAN 45 – Screen. Keiser (+.5) does well to get his hands up, force a looping pass that slows this down. That delay allows Browning the chance to tackle at the LOS. He whiffs (-1) and the RB gains five.

3rd and 7, STAN 40 – OSU shotgun. A chop block is called on the OSU center, who had to deal with Fua (+1) and Chase Thomas (+1), who are getting a lot of plusses early. The pass was incomplete anyway as Browning (+1) had good coverage, and a diving Howell (+.5) might have intercepted were it accurate.

3rd and 22, OSU 45 – OSU shotgun, 3 wide, Stanford rushes four. Fua and Chase Thomas (+1 apiece) get home and sack the QB. (D line +1).

OSU punts to STAN 30

1st and 10, STAN 30 – Luck (-.5) fumbles, though that's not really his fault because Martin and Phillips (-1 apiece) allow the blindside guy through. Whalen (+1) recovers.

2nd and 25, STAN 15 – Phillips (+1) leads the way as Taylor gets five off power right.

3rd and 20, STAN 20 – OSU brings four, line (+1) protects well, but eventually someone comes free and Luck throws it away deep (throwaway, throw not charted).

STAN punts to OSU 37, still 14-0 Stanford, 12:18 2nd quarter.

1st and 10, OSU 37 – Masifilo (-1) gets sealed, allows Rodgers into second level. Marecic (-.5) is knocked out too easily to open the hole, and Michael Thomas (-.5) gets run over for three YAC.

2nd and 1, OSU 46 – A screen goes nowhere, as Chase Thomas (+1) drives his blocker back far enough that Rodgers, coming out of the backfield, has to get around Thomas and his man, and so he can't get upfield quickly. Marecic and Skov converge (+.5 apiece), as Rodgers slips for no gain. Rewatch this play if you have a DVR, this is why we do this play-by-play tracking. He gets no credit in the stats, but Chase Thomas really made the play here.

3rd and 1, OSU 46 – Speak of the devil, Chase Thomas is having a career game and comes in unblocked (coaching +1), makes a sack and forces a fumble (+2), and Keiser (+.5) falls on it. Skov (+.5) eats up two blockers, which definitely helped Stanford recover fumble, and may have helped spring Thomas free in the first place.

STAN 1st and 10, OSU 40 – Stanford shifts blockers right to left, OSU fails to respond and the numbers edge (coaching +1) helps open up a huge hole. Marecic and DeCastro (+.5 apiece) help make the coaches look smart, and Martin (+1) lays down a really nice block. Taylor (-1) almost slips, but still gets three yards out of far from his greatest run.

2nd and 7, OSU 37 – Taylor loses three, as OSU blitzes a safety right into this (coaching -1). Hall (+1) had a really nice block all for naught.

3rd and 8, OSU 38 – A screen to Wilkerson is easy and totally catches OSU napping. (Coaching +1). Luck (+1) may have audibled into this, as the announcer suggested on replay, and I think as good of a passer as Andrew is, people seriously underrate his game management skills (same with his rushing ability). Marecic (+1) blocks his man well. Wilkerson breaks a tackle 15 yards downfield (+1), and goes down five yards later only after he draws a facemask penalty (+1).

1st and G, OSU 7 – There's a huge cutback lane thanks to Hall and DeCastro (+1 apiece). Taylor (-0.5) doesn't see it, tough series for him, though Martin (-0.5) ending up on his back couldn't have helped.

2nd and G, OSU 7 – Luck shovels to Taylor, who falls forward through contact (+.5) to get down to the two. Martin (+1) bounces back from the last play with a nice block. Marecic (+.5) has a devastating cut block as well.

3rd and G, OSU 2 – Beeler (+1) gets a great block on a designed rollout. Reuland (-1), however, is late seeing a rusher, who forces luck to throw it away.

20-yard FG good, 17-0 Stanford, 8:11 2nd quarter.

OSU 1st and 10, OSU 20 – Three-yard run up the middle, average all around. Eh, why not, D line +1.

2nd and 6, OSU 24 – Skov (-.5) can't close and tackle on a slot receiver drag until after the first down. We're only giving Skov the half-ding as that's a tough assignment for a LB (coaching -0.5).

1st and 10, OSU 31 – Bulcke (-1) can't tackle at the line or even slow the runner. Keiser (-.5) and Marecic (-.5) don't have momentum, therefore, but still get dragged six yards downfield, turning a five-yard run into an 11-yard gain.

1st and 10, OSU 42 – A blitzing Howell (+1) fills, and tackles after one. (Coaching +1).

2nd and 9, OSU 43 – OSU drops a cross, perhaps because Skov (+.5) pressured and forced the throw early.

3rd and 9, OSU 43 – Stanford rushes four and gets good pressure (+1 line) as Katz throws it right to Sherman, who has his hands on it but drops pick. Only -.5 for Sherman, because his body was going one way and the ball came the other, tough catch. +1 coverage as no one else looked open.

Terrell returns to STAN 23, 17-0 Card, 5:55 2nd quarter.

STAN 1st and 10, STAN 24 – No one gets a great block (line -1), forcing Wilkerson to slow. Backside pursuit drops him for just one.

2nd and 9, STAN 25 – Line (+2) provides a great pocket for Luck, who finds Whalen (throw: 4, catch: 3) on a cross for the first down. Whalen (+1) got across his DB easily to make this play work.

1st and 10, STAN 37 – Two-yard run off power.

2nd and 8, STAN 48 – Marecic and Whalen (+1 apiece) turn great blocks as Baldwin (+1) tiptoes the sideline well to turn 10 into 15 on a flare (throw: 3, catch: 3). Whalen's block was too great, make that a -1 on him for drawing the holding call.

2nd and 11, STAN 45 – Luck (throw: 2, catch: 1) misses Griff Whalen on a five-yard cross. His only bad throw on the day by my reckoning.

3rd and 11, STAN 45 - Luck (throw: 4, catch: 3) has Whalen just wide open on a dig, (coaching +1). OSU isn't even making this hard.

1st and 10, OSU 50 – Paea gets around Phillips (-2) like he's nothing, and drops the RB for a one-yard loss.

2nd and 11, OSU 49 – Luck (throw: 3, catch: 3) to Ertz in the flat, who runs for 18 as OSU's defender falls down.

1st and 10, OSU 30 – Line (+1) protects well. Luck (+1) helps them by stepping up at just the right time to hit Baldwin. (Throw: 4, catch: 3). Baldwin makes the first guy miss (+1) and cuts back to make next two guys miss (+2). Taylor (+.5) harasses the last defender, and Baldwin's into the end zone.

STAN 24, OSU 0, 1:48 2nd quarter

1st and 10, STAN 38 - Coverage +2 as Katz is forced to throw it to Browning, who breaks up the pass (+1), but doesn't snare the catchable ball (-0.5).

2nd and 10, STAN 38 – Sherman (+0.5) with decent coverage, forces Katz to throw low and incomplete in his direction. Still, a top college QB can make this throw, as was the case much of the time. Stanford took away the easy throw here (coverage +1), as it did most of the night, but Katz's inaccuracy helped our DBs look good.

3rd and 10, STAN 38 – Gardner (+0.5) brings pressure, but Katz escapes. OSU shoots itself in the foot though, as the wrong receiver tries and fails to catch the ball.

Terrell returns a booming 53-yard punt to the 25, 1:18 2nd quarter.

1st and 10, STAN 25 – Draw to Taylor. OSU is pass rushing (coaching +1), so the DE misses. Taylor (+1) makes next guy miss to turn this into an eight-yard gain.

2nd and 2, STAN 33 – Line (+.5) protects okay, but eventually Paea comes free and forces a throwaway.

3rd and 2, STAN 33 – Luck (-.5) bobbles the snap. Line (+2) pass blocks well enough that the bobble isn't an issue and the deep route has enough time to develop, but eventually Luck throws well past Whalen. Perhaps a throwaway, but I think Andrew can do better here. (Throw: 2, catch: 0).

4th and 2, STAN 33 – Coaching +1 as Stanford motions into fake and forces OSU into a timeout.

Stanford punt, OSU fair catches at 33, 34 seconds 2nd quarter

1st and 10, OSU 33 – I'm going to be more lenient on a D playing safe here. Masifilo (+1) shows good mobility to chase down a dumpoff and tackle eight yards downfield.

2nd and 2, OSU 41 Sherman and Skaufel (-.5 apiece) can't close the hole between them in the cover two, allowing an OSU 25-yard reception. Still, with seven seconds left in the half, not awful.

1st and 10, STAN 43 – Sherman (+0.5, coverage +1) picks off a bomb thrown right to him as the half draws to a close.

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