OSU play-by-play analysis: 2nd half

We graded out every meaningful snap from the OSU game, and here present every snap from the second half. Why did plays work or fail, and which Stanford players made the plays go? In a separate summary story, we tabulate everyone's contributions on the day and draw conclusions from our play-by-play analysis, but here is the meat and potatoes of perhaps Stanford's finest game of 2010. Soak it up!

Second half, OSU returns to 38, 24-0 Card.

1st and 10, OSU 38 – Rodgers for six. Fua (+.5) shows nice mobility to track and tackle, albeit six yards downfield.

2nd and 4, OSU 44 – Rodgers for 10 yards, as Stephens (-1) gets pushed out and lets Rodgers into the second level way too quickly.

1st and 10, STAN 46 - Coaching -1 as the first fly sweep of the night (finally, OSU) gets OSU 14 yards and no one in the front seven really had a chance. Sherman (+1) forces a fumble on the tackle, though OSU recovers.

1st and 10, STAN 31 – Skov (+1) hauls butt to keep a bubble screen down to five. Coaching -1 as OSU has adjusted at the half and had gone to the perimeter attack they gained about 900 yards with last year, and the defense hasn't caught up.

2nd and 5, STAN 26 – Marecic (+.5) brings pressure up the middle. Sherman (+1) has solid man-to-man D to break up the pass, and even draws the rare offensive pass interference (+1) as he gets cut. Michael Thomas was in on it too (coverage +1).

2nd and 20, STAN 41 – An awful throw is picked by Browning, who does well (+1) to catch it, but is lucky too. An accurate throw and this might be a touchdown because the receiver had a step on Browning (-0.5).

Stanford at STAN 24, 12:57 3rd Q.

1st and 10, STAN 24 - Play action waggle to Whalen (-0.5), who fails to get separation, forcing Luck (throw: 3, catch: 0) to throw it low and away as the DB was all over Whalen.

2nd and 10, STAN 24 – Taylor gains three and could have had more, but was ankle tackled (-0.5).

3rd and 7, STAN 27 – Line (+1) protects well, but Ertz (-1) fails to run across the sticks or break the necessary tackle, and a good Luck pass (throw: 4, catch: 3) still brings fourth down.

OSU at OSU 29, still 24-0, 11:15 3rd Q.

1st and 10, OSU 29 - Chase Thomas and Thomas Keiser (+1 apiece), bring pressure and force a throwaway.

2nd and 10 , OSU 29 – Chase Thomas (+1) penetration flushes Katz toward Masifilo (+1), who sacks. D line +1, solid all around.

3rd and 10, OSU 29 – Skov is in decent coverage and the safeties had a decent drop, but Katz really rockets the ball in for a 13-yard first down. No minuses, just a nice throw.

1st and 10, OSU 42 – Chase Thomas fights through his blocker (+1), and then has the strength to hang on and sack (+1) Katz, who tried to twist out of it. A hat-tip to the coverage (+2), long overdue, because all of this pressure isn't relevant unless there's good enough coverage behind it to keep the ball in the QB's hands.

2nd and 19, OSU 33 – A screen gets seven, which is fine on 2nd and 19, as Skov (+.5) and Masifilo (+.5) get downfield well to tackle.

3rd and 12, OSU 43 – Michael Thomas (-2) negates a would-be interception with an obvious pass interference call, with his hands all over the receiver's facemask. Chase Thomas brings pressure (+.5), and delivers a vicious hit (+1) that knocks Katz out of the game for a play or two. Skaufel (+1) had the interception. Who'd have thunk Chase Thomas, not Stephen Paea, would be the most dominant DL thus far?

1st and 10, STAN 42 – Draw to Quizz for four. Stanford was caught off-guard (coaching -.5), but Marecic (+0.5) looked to force Quizz into a secondary gap, where Chase Thomas (+.5) gets back to tackle. Impressive from Thomas – he's not selling out to get upfield for his pass rush.

2nd and 6, STAN 38 – Michael Thomas (+1) makes a great tackle on a quick out to Rodgers. Coverage +1. No gain.

3rd and 5, STAN 37 – Coverage +1, Browning +1 with great coverage to smother Katz's pass. Browning needs to get stronger, as I remember seeing him getting blocked into the parking lot on downfield screens in earlier games, but he can really cover. This is shaping up to be a darn good game from him.

4th and 5, STAN 37 – Sherman gets a PI call, but it looked like good coverage, so no ding. Sure enough, on replay, Sherman did grab jersey with his offhand, but the WR had Sherman's jersey too. Rubbin's racing, ref.

1st and 10, STAN 32 – Howell (+2) makes an insane interception on a seam route, and hangs on (+1) as the WR's helmet drills him in the chest. And he did all that in a cast (+1). Coverage +2.

Stanford at STAN 20, 6:12 3rd quarter, 24-0.

1st and 10, STAN 20 – Bubble to Terrell, (throw: 4, catch: 3) gets 7, as Terrell (+1) fights to get another five yards after initial contact.

2nd and 2, STAN 28 – Wilkerson power for three.

1st and 10, STAN 31 - Draw to Taylor gets seven, who did well (+.5) to maximize the available yards. Beeler (+1) had a vicious block that made most of those yards available to begin with.

2nd and 3 STAN 38 - Stepfan Taylor is never touched, and explodes for a 62-yard touchdown. Beeler, DeCastro, Hall and Phillips with great blocks (+1 apiece). Plenty of credit to the big guys (line +2) when you're not touched for a 62-yard touchdown. Coaching +2 because that's really not supposed to happen, and we obviously outsmarted the OSU guys here.

OSU at OSU 24, 5:08 3rd quarter, 31-0.

1st and 10, OSU 24 – Marecic (-.5) allows a 10-yard completion for the first, albeit on a good throw.

1st and 10, OSU 40 – Fua (-.5) is sealed out, and Keiser (-.5) gets upfield too fast, giving Quizz a huge lane to run for eight.

2nd and 2, OSU 45 – Skaufel (+1) closes on a flare and tackles at the LOS. Keiser (-1) gets whistled for roughing the passer, yielding the automatic first.

1st and 10, STAN 40 – Browning (+1) has a great breakup at the last second downfield (coverage +1). He hurts his shoulder on the play. A good game from him thus far, and Quinn Evans replaces him.

2nd and 10 STAN 40 – Gardner (-1) is blown off the ball as Rodgers runs for 7.

3rd and 3 STAN 33 – Keiser (+.5) cleans up after the D-line (+2) stonewalls on a third and short run for the second time today. Fua (+1) was the main point of attack. Offsetting unsportsmanlikes are called after the play, including one on Michael Thomas (-1).

4th and 3 STAN 33 – Marecic (+2) closes on a WR drag and plants him. That's great speed I didn't know he had. 2:41 3rd Q, 31-0 Stanford.

STAN 1st and 10, STAN 33 – Wilkerson for two up the middle.

STAN 2nd and 8 STAN 35 - Taylor for two up the middle. Not too harsh on the grading here because Stanford's shifting from trying to score lots of points to trying to run lots of clock.

3rd and 7 STAN 36 - Luck screen to Whalen (throw: 3, catch: 3), who gets just enough (+1) for the first.

1st and 10, STAN 43 – A swing pass to Baldwin gets five (throw: 3, catch: 3) after a great Griff Whalen (+1) block. Baldwin is injured on the play.

2nd and 4 STAN 49 – Wilkerson is dropped for a loss on an off-tackle run right with three defenders for two blockers.

3rd and 5 STAN 48 – First play of the fourth quarter. Tyler Gaffney houses a screen pass. Coaching +1, nice call playing off a run-heavy drive. Jamal-Rashad Patterson and Hall (+1 apiece) deliver solid blocks. Gaffney (+1) gets to the corner faster than the one remaining defender who had a chance, and cuts by the last guy (+0.5) who had a prayer at the 20.

Charting stopped as the backups begin to enter and the game is no longer in doubt.

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