We're Orangafiesta-Bound!

We will be finding out soon in which BCS bowl game the Cardinal will be playing. All of the outcomes are good, but some possibilities may be more or less intriguing than others. Let's be sure to relish the fact that we are in an awfully nice dilemma - torn between which BCS bowl we would prefer. A gloriously difficult position we hope to be in each and every year!

We're Orangafiesta-Bound!

So, is it going to be Florida for the Orange or Arizona for the Fiesta? Miami or Glendale? South Beach or South Sand?

Who knows? There are too many factors beyond one's control to take into consideration when attempting to speculate about the Cardinal's 2011 BCS bowl game destination. We will find out today. Wouldn't surprise us is the Rose Bowl found a way to bump TCU and bring in the Cardinal. While Pasadena would be convenient, we are thinking it might be better to skip the granddaddy this year and go back when we have won a Pac-10 conference championship and can beat up on a Big Ten team. 

In any case, we will do our best to provide you with updates on what is organized for the upcoming bowl experience. We know a few things for sure: There will be a football game, there will be an on-location Council (of Chiefs), and for those of us who travel to the bowl, there will be a great time to be had.

We also know this: Stanford 1-1 in Florida-based Bowl games, having lost to Clemson 28-21 after a furious comeback attempt in the 1986 Gator Bowl (Jacksonville, FL) and having dismantled Penn State 24-3 and shuttered O.J. McDuffie's yap in the 1993 Blockbuster Bowl (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) - After the Blockbuster victory, your "Emeritus" actually drove from Joe Robbie down to Miami with a buddy and watched Nebraska play Florida State in the rain-soaked 1993 Orange Bowl - two major bowl games in one day - it was nirvana!) 

History is in the making, so get ready to find ways to work it out, gather up family and friends, and get to whatever bowl game we are fortunate enough to play in!

Go Cardinal, beat the "Hok-Sooners!", "Poke the Hoke", "Boom the Sooners" or do whatever to whomever, as long as we kick some serious post-season tail!

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