Student Clemency Petition: Let My People Go!

Moses once told Ramses II to let his people go. Now it is high time for "The Johns" to let their students the Orange Bowl! Stanford needs its best and brightest to be able to get down to Miami and represent! The University's mission is to encourage excellence, right? What could be more "excellent" than a righteous road trip to South Florida to help the Cardinal gash the Gobblers?

Student Petition for Clemency!

After the Orange Bowl was announced as our official destination, a fired-up Stanford senior and proud football fan by the name of Zack Warma started scheming with a bunch of friends to finalize a large-scale student excursion to South Florida.  Unfortunately, a concern on the minds of many students is the issue of the bowl's date - January 3, 2011 which is the first day of classes for Stanford's Winter quarter. 

With that in mind, The Bootleg would like to draw attention want to the petition Zack and his buddy started,, asking Stanford University President Hennessy to excuse students traveling to Miami from the first two days of Winter Quarter classes, so that the rejuvenated Stanford Red Zone can travel en masse without worrying about missing a class needed to graduate.

Sounds very reasonable to us, but then, we are pretty easy! Hey, we vividly recall the University of Alabama cancelling three days of classes last year in order to allow undergraduate students to attend the 2010 BCS championship game - seemed to work out awfully well for the Tide and we doubt any of the kids suffered much academically - of course at 'Bama, they could have canceled the entire semester and it might not have made much of a a difference (Sorry, but we are still bitter about Toby Gerhart getting hosed for the Heisman!). We think the brighter-than-average Stanford kids can handle a little extra studying the following week.... As the old spiritual used to say, Let My People Go!

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