"The Muchnick Letter"

The Bootleg is pleased to make available on a world-wide exclusive basis the remarkable contents of a personal support letter young Justin Muchnick reportedly handed to Stanford star quarterback Andrew Luck on 1-02-11 at the Fontainebleu donut shop. In this instant classic pièce de corréspondence, our man Justin crafts his compelling case as to why #12 should remain at Stanford for one more year.

In a dramatic effort to upstage recent headline-grabbing releases from the ever-controversial WikiLeaks website, The Bootleg is proud to make available on a world-wide exclusive basis, via our newly formed subsidiary "LuckLeaks", the contents of a personal, quasi-confidential support letter young Justin Muchnick reportedly handed to Stanford's star quarterback Andrew Austen Luck on January 2, 2011 at the Fontainebleu donut shop. In this instant classic pièce de corréspondence, Justin crafts his compelling case as to why #12 should remain at Stanford for one more year. Andrew's own father, current West Virginia Athletic Director Oliver Luck later disclosed to an unnamed source that Andrew had shared the letter with his parents. Here at The Bootleg we like to think that Mr. Muchnick's timely and well-written missive played no small part in Andrew's admirable decision to return to Stanford - and to return for all the right reasons!

January 2, 2011

Dear Andrew,

Normally, when a college football phenom is the main contender for the number one NFL draft pick and a multimillion dollar signing bonus, it seems as though the obvious choice is to enter the draft, not stay at college for one more year. But for you, a true student-athlete, your choice is much less obvious than most think. Not only are you a great quarterback, you are a great quarterback at one of the most prestigious universities in the country that happens to be ranked number four in the BCS poll. Staying at Stanford for one more year would benefit you much more than some might realize.

First of all, remaining at school next year would allow you to receive a college degree. All the money that the draft could offer you would not buy you a diploma; you can only acquire it with one more year at school. This diploma would be a symbol of your hard work at Stanford, for if you enter the draft, you leave three years of effort in college with nothing to show for it academically.

In addition, a college degree would help you in your possible pursuit of a career after your retirement from football - as you are the type of person that can change the game one day and the world the next. In addition, obtaining a college degree would have a positive impact on children across the country. Athletes are always telling kids to stay in school, but your actions will speak much louder than their words. If you come back to Stanford next year, you will epitomize the perfect student-athlete and inspire children to work hard in their academic studies so they may become the bright minds of tomorrow.

Secondly, finishing your college career would allow you to have a complete "senior experience." I, at my ripe old age of twelve, do not comprehend in totality the greatness of the senior year, as I have never attended Stanford or any other university as a student; but my parents, both Stanford alumni, have raved about their great senior year. In fact, they started dating during their senior year, so if it weren't for their fourth year in college, I wouldn't be here today!

Additionally, staying at Stanford next year would largely benefit your football career. Stanford did extremely well this year, but they can do even better next year. The team has a good chance of winning the inaugural Pac-12 championship, as the team basically just has to have exactly the same season as last year, with the exception of the Stanford-Oregon game. Stanford has an advantage that we did not in this season's clash: the home field. Instead of trying to defeat Oregon at Autzen, a stadium with turf instead of grass and thousands upon thousands of hostile fans angrily shouting whenever Stanford has the ball, the team will attempt to seize a victory in a friendly atmosphere on real grass, which is excellent for the power game that you guys play unlike Oregon's turf field.

Staying undefeated and winning the Pac-12 will presumably clinch a berth in the National Championship. To top that off, you personally have as good a chance as any of winning the Heisman Trophy, the highest honor a college player could receive. Winning the Pac-12 title, BCS Championship, and the Heisman Trophy would be the college football equivalent to the treble of English soccer. In fact, David Beckham looks back on 1999, the season that he won the English Premier League, the FA Cup, and the Champions League with Manchester United, as his most cherished of all of his accomplishments. Just as the treble catapulted Beckham to fame, winning your own "treble" could immortalize you forever in college football history.

Many people might argue that your decision is very similar to that of Jake Locker one year ago. Jake was predicted to be the number one draft pick, but instead decided to stay for his senior year at Washington. This proved to be a choice that has decreased his draft status, as his 2010 season was not too good. Now it is uncertain if he will even be drafted in the first round, let alone be the first pick. So people can rightfully believe that there is a possibility that the same may happen to you if you don't enter the draft this year.

But you are different than Jake Locker. Jake was believed to be the best quarterback that year, yet ended up showing that he really wasn't as good as most people thought. You, on the other hand, do not need to escape with your first overall draft pick while you can - since you are as good as or better than everybody thinks you are. Your season statistics show that your skills enhance noticeably each year, and you haven't once had a "bad" season. The difference between you and Jake Locker is that his reputation far surpassed his actual ability, whereas your reputation simply reflects your true merits.

People set high standards for you and you meet them, which is why your 2011 season will be as good or better as that of 2010. You may or may not be the number one 2012 draft pick, but you still will be very high on the list. So you are not forced to choose between an education and a lucrative NFL career; by staying at Stanford next year, you can have both of them - really the best of both worlds!


Justin Muchnick, Seventh Grade

Note: "The Muchnick Letter" is the subject of a bitter struggle currently taking place between competing producers anxious to bring the story to the big screen - or at least to DirecTV's 101 Network or the fast-rising Comcast SportsNet Newport Beach. miniseries.  

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