Reihner reconfirms Card commitment

Scranton Prep (Scranton, Penn.) offensive lineman Kevin Reihner was in a bit of a conundrum after the departure of former coach Jim Harbaugh. Both his position coaches, Greg Roman and Tim Drevno, left for the NFL with Harbaugh. Also gone was Vic Fangio, the DC with whom Riehner had bonded. Thus, the longtime Stanford commit was without contact information for any coach left at Stanford.

"I realized a couple of weeks ago that I didn't have any contact information for anyone from Stanford," Kevin Reihner said. "The numbers I had were Harbaugh, Roman, Fangio and Drevno."

On his official visit to Stanford, Reihner's third trip to The Farm, he had a much-needed opportunity to connect with some of the coaches who were retained by the Card, specifically David Shaw.

"I heard good things about Coach Shaw, but I had had very limited conversation with him," Reihner said. "I had heard great things and they were all proven to me. Coach Shaw was an incredibly dynamic guy all weekend."

Austin had several opportunities to get to know Shaw in greater depth.

"Because we don't have a line coach right now when we broke up into positions, Coach Shaw addressed Brian [Moran], Brendon [Austin] and me, I sat next to him at the faculty brunch, and I actually talked to him at breakfast on the first day," Reihner said. "So I had a lot of time to meet Coach Shaw in more detail.

"I spent a lot of time with him and everything good I heard about him was proven and then some. It was just a great visit."

During those meetings, Reihner had the opportunity to speak with Shaw about a possible new offensive line coach, although he wasn't given any specific names.

"He mentioned that he had targets, that [Shaw] knows a lot of people, but he didn't want to deal in potentials so he just left it at that, but I have the utmost confidence that he will bring in somebody that will help me be a great football player," Reihner said.

But there was more to Reihner's trip than assessing Stanford's coaching situation. He also got a better sense for the relationships he'll develop with his future teammates.

"They say the best friends you're ever going to have are friends from college, because after college you're living on your own and you're not forced to be around people," Reihner said. "When you look around these are going to be some of your best friends. Stanford's a great place, it was a great weekend and the guys say it really is this awesome all the time. I really couldn't be more excited for the next four or five years.

"My best man was probably there this weekend. I don't know who he was, but he was probably there."

And then there was a trip to play laser tag, which was initially met by skepticism from the recruits.

"We were all like yeah, we're too cool for laser tag, but then we got in, started talking trash, it really forced us to come together and it was awesome," Reihner said.

Of note, future Stanford quarterback, and newly minted four-star recruit Kevin Hogan was a master in the laser tag ‘field'.

"Kevin Hogan had the top score both times and we're pretty sure that he plays laser tag recreationally," joked Reihner.

Even though he couldn't best his future teammate in laser tag, Reihner remains solidly committed to Stanford and doesn't plan to make any other visits.

"I couldn't feel more confident, couldn't be more solid in my commitment," Reihner said.

Unless, Reihner joked, his recruitment took a bizarre turn when he meets the new offensive line coach.

"I mean if [the new offensive line coach] comes up and says, ‘Reihner, you're trash,' then I might start looking somewhere else, but other than that…."

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