James Vaughters Q and A (Part 2 of 2)

Stanford might not have signed every top recruiting target to close out the 2011 cycle, but they closed well on one critical target - four star linebacker James Vaughters. Vaughters, who spurned a number of football factories to sign with the Cardinal, took the time to answer a number of Bootleg subscriber-inspired questions about his football future in Part Two of our Q and A

What's the biggest thing you want to improve on between now and the day you report?
James Vaughters: I am really working on my speed and agility because everyone says "the speed of the game" is the biggest difference between high school and college football. I am still working hard on my strength, as well and I want to work on the Stanford terminology so I can arrive in June with some idea of what's going on, on the field.

What is your personal goal for the 2011 season?
JV: My personal goal is to contribute to a National Championship for Stanford. With all the returning players, including Andrew, I don't see why we can't go all the way this year. I want to contribute in every way I can, whether it is in the linebacker rotation, or on special teams. Ideally, I would like to earn a starting spot, but with the returning linebackers and the backups, I know I will have to work hard to earn what I get.

What are your academic goals for your freshman year?
JV: I haven't set my academic goals yet, but they will probably be consistent with my approach to high school, which is to earn an "A" in every class I take. I realize Stanford is nowhere near high school and it is Stanford, but I plan to be in class every day, and leverage the academic support that is offered to do my very best in the classroom.

What do you prefer, inside linebacker or outside? And is that the same as what the coaches are talking about using him for?
JV: My preference is for the outside, but I can play both and the coaching staff has talked to me about putting me into position to make plays. That's what I like. I prefer whatever position allows me to run-stop, attack the quarterback in pass situations or provide pass coverage, depending on the defensive call.

Was the decision for Stanford easy? Or did you have to talk yourself into it?
JV: The decision to remain committed was easier after getting to know Coach Shaw better during my Official Visit. It also helped to get Coach Shaw to say that a lot of the staff would remain like Coaches Mason, Anderson, Hart and Shannon Turley.

Who are some of the players already on the team that you have connected with?
JV: On my visits, I had a chance to connect with quite a few of the current players like Shayne (Skov), Chase (Thomas), Jamal (Patterson), Andrew (Luck), Chris (Owusu) and others. They were real cool and were a big part of why I decided Stanford was the place for me.

Who are some of the incoming freshman that you've bonded with?
JV: I thought we all bonded pretty well during the Big Official Visit weekend. Since then I have had a chance to communicate with Wayne, as well, who wasn't there for the weekend, but had committed earlier that week. I think we have a great opportunity to build on some already great things happening with Stanford football.

The Bootleg would like to thanks James for taking the time to keep Stanford fans updated on his recruitment throughout the process. We wish him the best of luck in his Cardinal future.

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