Pro Day Interview: Richard Sherman

After the conclusion of Stanford's Pro Day, former Cardinal defensive back and wide receiver Richard Sherman spoke to the media about a variety of topics.

It looked like you were getting quite a bit of work at receiver as well as defensive back. Have you heard teams wonder whether you can play that position?
Richard Sherman: Yeah, yeah, a lot of teams have come up to me asking if I would be wiling to make the transition back if need be, if they ask me to. I say it's up to them. It's up to the team. Whatever they say goes. If they ask me to play punter that's what I'm going to play and I'm going to do it to the best of my abilities. I went out here and did what they said to do, ran the routes, and showed them what I can do.

Is that because they don't see your height fitting in with the defensive back position?
RS: They haven't explained in that way. A lot of the teams liked what I did and receiver and thought I would be a much higher rounder coming out as a receiver if I had continued my career that route and some teams see me as a really good corner with a lot of upside, obviously I'm still raw because I've only played two years. But people see benefits on both sides so if corner doesn't work out teams will probably transition me and see what I can do at wide receiver.

Do you have any regrets then about switching over?
RS: Not at all, not at all. You know, especially with how the seasons went the last couple years, went pretty well, played well, the team won. It's really all about the team and it benefited.

How do you feel like you did out there today?
RS: I felt like I did pretty good. I ran faster than I did at the combine, I jumped higher, I jumped further. I had a lot of pr's. I felt pretty good about it.

Do you know what your 40 time was?
RS: They have a range. Everybody has different things. Everybody had me from 4.43 to 4.53.

Has the uncertainty with the lockout entered into your mind at all as far as how this whole process is going to go?
RS: Not really, because it's not something we can affect. I control what I can control out here. The teams seem to be moving as if things are going to work out, things are going to get done, so that's how we have to move, like things are going to get done and it's a regular offseason.

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