Pro Day Interview: Konrad Reuland

After the conclusion of Wednesday's Pro Day, former Stanford tight end Konrad Reuland spoke with the media.

How did today go, how did you feel out there?
Konrad Reuland: I felt pretty good. Pretty solid performance. A couple things here and there that I maybe could have done but overall not too disappointed with anything.

Did you get any specific feedback from scouts or any of the coaches in attendance?
KR: Not a whole lot, just from the guys I was working with, the guys that were running the drills. They were saying I was doing a good job, but we'll find out, I guess, right?

What did you run today?
KR: I believe I was clocked at a 4.8.

Is that what you were hoping for
KR: I was hoping to break 4.8 like a high 4.7, but anything mid-4.8's and lower would have been alright. I was hoping for a little bit faster, but it's all good, no worries. I weighed 260, so that's a pretty good 40 at 260.

And then your bench, how many reps did you get on that?
KR: 19.

Happy with that?
KR: No. I was one inch away from 20. But it was good, overall it was a solid outing all together. I did 34 ½ in the vertical, something like that, so it was solid.

Have you graduated yet?
KR: Yeah, I'm done, graduated.

So 100 percent focus now is on getting ready for the NFL?
KR: Absolutely. That's what I'm training for. That's what I'm chasing. I'm chasing that goal right now.

What do the next few months hold for you?
KR: Who knows with the lockout and everything, it's kind of uncertain. But I'm going to go home and stay in shape to the best of my ability and work my tail off.

Aside from today, have you met with any teams or talked with anybody?
KR: Not too much. My agent is kind of dealing with all that stuff right now. To be honest, I'm just focused on myself at this point, just trying to get myself ready for my big day today.

How have you improved since the Orange Bowl?
KR: I believe I've trimmed down. I've kept the same weight, weighed in at 260 today, and I feel like I've kind of distributed it a little bit better. Worked on my speed a lot of speed training, just trying to develop all around. Nothing really specific, just tried to work at everything, get a little bit better at everything because I'm by no means perfect at any part of the game.

Those of us who have watched you over the past couple of years, you're not a surprise to us, but it strikes me you might fly under the radar a little bit in this setting. Do you feel like you have to every time you're out here go out and really prove yourself again?
KR: Well that's my goal to go out and prove myself every day. I don't know, some say I'm flying under the radar, I don't know, you never know what teams are thinking. All I can do is focus on controlling the controllable. That's basically how I view everything now. What can I do to help myself and not worry about what other people think or what's going on outside of the realm of what can I do for myself.

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