Pro Day Interview: Owen Marecic

Following a Pro Day workout that including an extended conversation with 49ers running back coach Tom Rathman, Owen Marecic spent a few minutes speaking with the media about his future.

How did you feel you did out there today?
Owen Marecic: I think I did okay. I think I did a little bit better than at the combine, which is what I was training for and looking for today. I don't really know for sure, but I felt a lot better.

What did you run at the combine?
OM: I think electric was about 5.0. Anywhere from 4.8 to 5.0 was the range. I kind of kept my head down about it and tried to get faster.

It looks like a lot of representatives from the 49ers were here today. Were you surprised to see that many guys from there?
OM: I had no idea who would be there. Like I said, I just kept my head down and tried to get in the best shape that I could.

You spent a lot of time with Tom Rathman. Were you kind of talking about the position, that sort of stuff?
OM: Yeah. I mean he has a ton of experience and seems like a great coach. He was giving me a lot of advice, a lot of things to work on. I went through some drills that I really have to work on, so I'm pretty excited about that. Some more tools, you could say, to try and get myself ready.

He's sort of the quintessential West Coast fullback. Have you studied him in the past, are you familiar with his history?
OM: I haven't studied him in the past, but after today and after everything I've been hearing, I better hit the books on that one. Like I said, he gave me great advice, great coaching tips, a lot of weaknesses that I can try and turn around into strengths.

Can you talk about what those areas are that you feel you need to concentrate on?
OM: Yeah, I mean it's all around explosiveness, staying low, pad level, things like that.

Did you graduate?
I'll graduate in June.

With the lockout, the uncertainty with where all that's going, does that enter into your mind at all as far as how different this draft is going to be and that kind of thing?
OM: I don't really think about it all. I don't really know what it means. I don't think it really matters too much. I'm honest when I say I keep my head down and try to stay focused on what I can do. Focus on what I can control, and that's just getting in the weight room and getting on the field every day trying to get a little bit better.

If you were able to go to the 49ers and they were to draft you and everything, what would it be like to be reunited with Coach Harbaugh and some of the other coaches that are there?
OM: It would be great. I'll be eternally grateful to any organization that lets me put the pads on again. Wherever it is, I'll try to make the most of it and not let them down.

Do you feel like you've improved in any way since the Orange Bowl?
OM: Yeah, I think I'm more flexible, probably stronger than I was at that time. Healthier than I was at that time, so I'd say in those areas. I have a ton of things I still need to work on and that's what keeps me coming back, that's why I guess you could say I love the game.

Are there differences between the college game and the pro game as far as playing fullback that you think you need to work in certain areas to improve to prepare for the pro game?
OM: It's all about fundamentals, I think. You can never get good enough at those things.

Did you bench today, and did that improve at all from the combine?
OM: I matched at 22.

What did you weigh in at?
OM: 246

Who's your agent?
OM: I don't have an agent.

Are you excited, at the possibility of playing in the NFL, I'm sure that's something you've always dreamt of?
OM: Oh yeah, very excited. It's a dream, as it is for everybody that's out here right now working out, try to make it come true.

Is it odd not to have an agent at this stage? It seems like most of the guys do have agents.
OM: Personally I don't think it is. I don't really know what they do. I've had a lot of things. It's finals week this week, so maybe next week I can sit down and start thinking about that, the week we have off.

Have you been approached by people?
OM: I've been approached, calls here and there.

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