Stanford T&F distance events

Stanford has been known as a distance runners' school, and this year that is very true for the men and maybe a little less so for the women. However, the women are young and have a fantastic class coming in next season. For now, Stanford hosts a distance carnival Fri. March 25 and Sat. March 26, replete with many outstanding college and pro runners.

Women's events:


School Record: Malindi Elmore, 2:04.35

Madeline Duhon, Sr. 2:09.06
Maria Lattanzi, RS Jr., 2:08.51 indoor (i)
Emma Miller-Bedell, Jr., 2:08.84
Kristin Reece, Jr., 2:09.24
Justine Fedronic, So., 2:06.27i

Fedronic had a big breakout indoor season lowering her PR by 2 seconds. She should crack the all-time (AT) top 10 easily and challenge the school record. Despite their good times, Reece and Miller-Bedell are running longer races and haven't approached their PR in awhile. Lattanzi is from Paly High and hasn't approached her best recently and didn't run indoors. Duhon is our top miler and placed at the Pac-10 1500 last season.


School Record: Lauren Centrowitz, 4:10.23

Madeline Duhon, Sr., 4:22.30
Kristin Reece, Jr., 4:30.83
Georgia Griffin, Jr., 4:27.59
Jessica Tonn, Fr., 4:44.65i mile (approx, 4:23)

A good 1500 time would be under 4:20, so you can see we are not Oregon strong here. Duhon did place in the Pac-10 last year and Tonn has had a great frosh year thus far in indoors and cross country. We have good runners, but we are not strong. Our recruiting class here is awesome, however.


School Record: Lindsay Allen, 10:01.53

Emma Miller-Bedell, Jr., 10:59.07
Emilie Amaro, RS So., 10:11.68
Claire Collison, RS So., 11:04.89

On our AT time list, Amaro is No. 4, Miller-Bedell, No. 9 and Collison No. 10. Of course, the women having only been running this event for 10 or so years. Amaro had an outstanding frosh year but missed last season with injuries. If healthy, she is a potential Pac 10 scorer. Neither Miller-Bedell or Collison ran indoors, and Collison redshirted last season, which opens a question as to fitness.


School Record: Lauren Fleshman, 15:12.71

Kate Niehaus, Sr., 16:19.30
Alexandra Gits, Sr., 16.27.14
Stephanie Marcy, Sr. 16:16.91i
Georgia Griffin, Jr., 16:30.00
Alex Dunne, So., 17:27.00, 10:16 (3200)
Kathy Kroeger, So, 16:01.13
Jessica Tonn, Fr, 9:16.89 (3K)

There are actually 20 women who might run the 5K for Stanford this year, including six frosh. I've highlighted the top seven.

Niehaus has placed second then sixth in the 10K at the last two Pac-10 Meets. She is back for her fifth year at Stanford, redshirting as a frosh. Gits also is better in the 10K, placing third as a frosh at the NCAA's. She also won the Indoor 5K league championship.

Marcy has also been stronger in the 10K, placing fourth, and then third at the last two Pac-10 Meets. She was eighth and a scorer in the 10K at the past NCAA Championships. However she has really improved in the 5K and just placed in the NCAA Indoor 3K. Griffin is another whose strongest race is the 10K, pacing third in the Pac-10 as a frosh.

Dunne redshirted last season but has had two great cross country seasons already. Her 9:16 3K just misses the top-10 AT list indoors. She can also run the 1500 and is a many time SoCal CIF champion. Kroeger placed fifth in the 5K at last year's NCAA meet as a frosh, a tremendous accomplishment. In high school, Kroeger was first and second in two different years at the Foot Locker Nationals. Tonn is a highly-rated recruit who cracked the cross country team as a true frosh, even though most frosh are redshirted at Stanford. She just missed qualifying for the Indoor Nationals in the 3K. Tonn won 14 Arizona State titles in high school.

The older women are strongest in the 10K, the younger women strongest in the 5K.


School Record: Alicia Craig, 32:19.97

Kate Niehaus, Sr., 33:55.33
Alexandra Gits, Sr., 33:19.42
Stephanie Marcy, Sr., 33:32.92
Georgia Griffin, Jr., 33:39.52

I've highlighted their bests above under the 5K but this may be Stanford women's strongest distance event with all four having placed at the NCAA or high at the Pac-10. Only seven college runners ran under 33:23 last season.

Men's events:


School Record: Michael Stember, 1:46.20

Spencer Castro, Sr., 1:52.77i
Dylan Ferris, Jr., 1:48.67
Andrew Berberick, So., 1:50.54
Bronson Duran, Fr, 1:52.43
Thomas Mallon, Fr, 1:49.31
Kenny Krotzer, Fr, 1:52.52
Michael Atchoo, Fr, 1:52.82i

Ferris is an outstanding 800/1500 runner with a sub-four minute mile and a 3:40, well sub-four minute, in the 1500. He was ninth in the NCAA 1500 this past season. Ferris has definite 1:47-flat potential. Berberick ran 1:50 as a frosh and just missed running a sub-four minute mile indoors this year. Mallon was one of the top high school runners in the country last year, a great addition.

Three frosh, Atchoo, Krotzer and Duran, are all outstanding prospects.


School Record: Michael Stember, 3:35.11 (1500); Jeff Atkinson, 3:55.16 (Mile)

JT Sullivan, Sr., 4:00.29
Elliott Heath, Sr., 3:41.27 (1500), 4:00.52, 3:55.77 relay
Dylan Ferris, Jr., 3:40.07 (1500), 4:03.37, 3:59.90i
Miles Unterreiner, Jr., 4:.03.21i
Andrew Berberick, So., 4:00.78
Tyler Stutzman, So., 4:05.65
Ryan Valdes, So., 3:49.79 (1500)
Tyler Valdes, So., 4:07.35
Kenny Krotzer, Fr, 4:07.24
Michael Atchoo, Fr, 4:07.61i
Eric Olsen, Fr, 4:08.54
Marco Bertolotti, Fr, 4:11.14
Adam Thorne, Fr, 4:10.05

We have thirteen outstanding milers, nine of them frosh or sophomores, incredible depth. However, more important are the tremendous milers at the top. Add 17.5 seconds to a 1500 time to convert to a mile.

Health is fresh off the NCAA 3K where he won with a huge kick, last 800 1:57, and last 200 26 seconds. He is a major talent who just missed running a four-minute mile indoors and set the school indoor 5K record recently. Heath was the No. 34 American 1500 runner last season.

Ferris is No. 9 AT at Stanford in the 1500, and was ranked as the No. 20 American in the 1500 last year. Like Heath, Ferris has an awesome kick.

Berberick just missed a four-minute mile this indoor season, and has 1:50 800 speed. JT Sullivan (his younger brother is also a Stanford distance runner) has just missed a four-minute mile indoors two years in a row. JT is also an outstanding steeplechaser.

Our frosh group is probably the finest in the nation (and we have three next year who ran 4:08 as juniors in high school). Atchoo just ran a 4:07 PR to lead this group.

I would love to see us run a 4:00 mile relay. Hope there is that option.


School Record: Ian Dobson, 8:32.09

JT Sullivan, Sr., 8:42.97
Ben Johnson, Jr., 8:58.92

Sullivan is fifth AT at Stanford and was No. 21 in the nation last season. With his 4:00-mile speed and after a fine cross country season, he should be ready to threaten Dobson's school record. Of note, Dobson was an Olympian.


School Record: Ian Dobson

JT Sullivan, Sr., 13:54.10
Elliott Heath, Sr. 13:34.54i
Brendan Gregg, RS JR., 13:56.89
Jake Riley, SR., 13:48.65
Chris Derrick, Jr., 13:29.98
Miles Unterreiner, Jr., 13:48.13i
Ben Johnson, Jr., 14:04.81i
Tyler Stutzman, So, 8:06.81i (3K)
Eric Olsen, Fr, 13:59.87i

Heath and Derrick were the No. 13 and No. 14 American 5K runners last year. Only one collegiate runner was ahead of the Stanford duo. We are loaded. Heath just set the Indoor Stanford Record and Derrick moved into second AT. Outdoors they presently rank No. 6 and No. 7 AT at Stanford.

Unterreiner just won the Indoor League Meet at 5K. Olsen, just a frosh, runs in the World JR. Cross Country meet soon. Riley was third in the NCAA 10K and tenth in the 5K last season.

Like in the 1500 we have a great group of sophomores and frosh waiting their turn.


School Record: Ian Dobson, 27:59.72

Jake Riley, Sr., 28:46.84
Elliott Heath, Sr., 29:10.86
Brendan Gregg, RS JR., 28:56.44
Chris Derrick, Jr., 29:08.33
Miles Unterreiner, Jr., 29:23.38
Kevin Havel, Jr., 29:49.04
Graham Bazell, RS Fr, 31:33.76

Riley is eighth AT at Stanford, only 10 seconds behind third, and as mentioned above, third in the NCAA last season. Riley was also the 30th-best American, with Gregg 33rd.

Bazell is listed here with his great high school time. He did not attend Stanford last year after high school, sitting out a year. However, he is an elite prospect.

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