QB Lindquist reports on Stanford visit

It was a fact-finding mission of sorts for Mercer Island High School (Mercer Island, Wash.) quarterback Jeff Lindquist when he took an unofficial visit to Stanford in late March. With hopes of making his college decision at the beginning of May, Lindquist wanted to a get a better idea of what Stanford has to offer.

Jeff Lindquist flew out to Stanford last Sunday afternoon (Mar. 27) and spent the better part of two days in Palo Alto before returning home. He was accompanied by both of his parents on the trip.

In Lindquist's words, the visit was like an "unofficial official visit" in that he was able to acquire a better understanding of the full Stanford football experience, both on and off the field. He even stayed overnight in a dorm with player host Blake Lueders.

"It was a very good trip," Lindquist said. "I enjoyed it a lot. I enjoyed getting to meet Coach Shaw in his new rule, getting to know Coach Hamilton better. I enjoyed the whole tour in general. I stayed with Blake Lueders, I went to class, I kind of got the student feel for the school and I really enjoyed it."

After setting in to his hotel room and grabbing a bite to eat with his brother Sam, who's a freshman pitcher on Stanford's baseball team, Sunday night, Lindquist began visit activities Monday morning.

"Monday I went to the football offices and met with Coach Hart, met with Coach Hamilton, and met with Coach Shaw," Lindquist said. "Then I went to lunch with David DeCastro and Mike Eubanks and my parents. [Later], I went to meetings and practice and then I hung out with Blake that night and got a feel for dorm life."

Followers of Stanford recruiting will likely recognize the parallels between Lindquist and DeCastro. Both are four-star recruits with offers from multiple Pac-12 schools whose decisions came down to in-state Washington and Stanford.

Lindquist said he found his conversation with a fellow Washingtonian to be helpful.

"He told me he knew Stanford was going to set him up well regardless of football," Lindquist said. "But he more told me the player's aspect of Stanford as opposed to reading off the facts, which is something that I liked. That's what I took from our meeting."

While Monday allowed Lindquist to get a better picture of football at Stanford, Tuesday was more focused on the school's other offerings.

"Tuesday, I went to class with a player named Keanu Nelson," Lindquist said. "Before that, I went to breakfast with Blake and Keanu at the training table. Then I went to class and met with Coach Anderson, he was telling me about the academic side of it, getting in, and where I stand right now. I met with Mr. Eubanks about what the yearly schedule is like. Then I went to meetings and practice and watched my brother's baseball game and headed home."

When The Bootleg previously spoke with Lindquist, he expressed his preference to major in a business-related field.

While Stanford doesn't have a business major per se, the school does have several other offerings that could fit what Lindquist is looking for.

"They don't have a basic business major but I was talking to some of the players who had similar interests and they said a lot of them are majoring in management, science and engineering (MS&E), and then there's science, technology and society (STS), and another one they talked about," Lindquist said. "They told me the options that aren't titled business but are similar to a business major."

Lindquist didn't appear to be turned off by the possibility of earning one of the aforementioned degrees.

"It gets you to the same place, you know," he said.

When looking back on the visit as a whole, Lindquist pointed to interaction with Stanford's current players as a highlight.

"I liked how I talked with a couple of the players and they were very friendly and they all rallied towards a common goal," Lindquist said. "At least the ones that I met were all good guys. I enjoyed meeting some of the players and getting a feel for what campus life is like."

Lindquist also liked spending additional time with the coaching staff.

"I really enjoyed meeting those guys and getting to know more of those guys than just reading about them," he said. "You get a personal connection to them. I really liked both of them [Pep Hamilton and David Shaw], the way that they coach, and I guess you could say I'm fans of them."

During Lindquist's meeting with Coach Hamilton, the pair went over what Stanford's quarterback depth chart will look like in future years.

"I talked to Coach Hamilton about it and they recruited two guys in next year's class and in my class they're looking at one or two guys," Lindquist said. "He was up front with everything and wasn't trying to hide anything and basically said the best player plays regardless of age, so that's something I respect, it gives everyone a chance, but nothing is for sure."

Now, with his Stanford trip in the past, Lindquist will look to take one more visit to Washington before making a decision.

"I guess you could say I've seen Stanford more in depth than Washington," Lindquist said. "I haven't gone to classes at Washington, I'm planning to do that after I get back from my spring break. In terms of Stanford, I have my facts laid out, I got the Stanford feel, so once I visit UW I can start breaking it down for judgment day, I guess."

For now, Lindquist says neither the Huskies nor the Cardinal have an advantage.

"They're still even," Lindquist said. "I can't really fully compare the two yet until I get the full spiel at UW. I'll wait for that to happen then see how they play out."

If all goes according to plan, Lindquist will have a firm leader sooner rather than later. He still hopes to make a commitment by May 1.

"That's still the goal," Lindquist said.

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