QB Talk with Trent Edwards

We would be remiss if we went through a spring at Quarterback U and didn't hone in on the slingers. Especially in a year with such an open QB competition, plus the added wrinkles of intrigue of a new offense, new offensive coordinator and new QB coach. Frosh phenom Trent Edwards was kind enough to help us answer some questions on these and other subjects, including comments on all of his position mates.

The Bootleg:  What is your overall assessment of your play this spring?
Trent Edwards:  The word that comes to mind is inconsistent.  I've been a little inconsistent at times - an up and down ride.  Coach Cubit has brought in a few new suggestions with my steps and throwing technique.  Overall, I'm listening to Coach Cubit and catch onto the things he is saying.  My balls are coming out well - I'm putting more pace and more accuracy.  I've regressed on a few things and not really listened on some things.  A few bad balls here or there.

The Bootleg:  What are some examples of technical things that Coach Cubit has asked you to do that are different from Roger Theder or Mike Sanford?
Trent Edwards:  It all starts with the drop.  He's more of an open stance guy when you're backing up, more to survey the field.  Whereas in the past I was taught to close the stance a little bit.  That's been a tough change.  Also the ball placement on my drop - he wants it further back rather than out instead of keeping it in the middle of my body.  He wants on that fifth step for me to keep the ball on my right shoulder.  It's just a few small things, and in the end it will pay a really large dividend.  It's a matter of just getting them down right now.

The Bootleg:  You've talked before about what your early impressions of Coach Cubit were, but that was in March before you had the chance to work with him on the field.  Now that you have a couple weeks under your belt, what kind of quarterbacks coach is he going to be for you?
Trent Edwards:  He has the right approach as a quarterback coach.  He has the right mentality and he's not too negative, also not too positive.  If he needs to scold you for a bad throw, he will.  He isn't going to hold anything back.  But he also will praise for the good balls you're throwing.  He has the right attitude and, I guess what you would call, flavor to the mix.  I think Coach Teevens made the right move with this hire, and all five of us will improve because of it.

The Bootleg:  Where do you think things stand among the five of you today?  If a depth chart were to be released today, where would you stack up?
Trent Edwards:  (laughs)  That's a good question.  It's still up in the air.  Coach Cubit still hasn't made any hints.  You could maybe base your thoughts where we are in the depth chart based on the amount of rep's we are getting in practice, but I don't know if that is the right process to go with in determining things.  I really don't know.  I'd assume that Chris [Lewis] is right up there, and Kyle [Matter] and everyone is going, but Coach Teevens has said he has to weigh our performances in the scrimmages to really determine where we are at.

The Bootleg:  How much do you look forward to these scrimmage opportunities to show yourself?  Is there any pressure that they could make or break your year?
Trent Edwards:  I wouldn't say they will make or break my year, but definitely with all the hard work in the off-season and the time spent after practices, it would be nice to see that pay-off in some good sessions.  I'm hoping for the best, just hope to go out there with a good attitude.  I hope to make a few good throws, make some good audibles and go from there.

The Bootleg:  So now I need you to play the role of analyst for a moment.  What is your assessment of what Chris Lewis is doing well this spring?
Trent Edwards:  I think Chris does a good job of not letting a bad play affect him.  He is a guy who easily shrugs off a negative play.  He finds the positive.  He may bounce a ball to a receiver, but come back on the next play and throw a touchdown.  I have a lot of respect for him that he can do that.  He definitely has the right attitude and approach.  I've been really impressed with the way he has handled his shoulder, been able to come back and throw well.  I have a lot of respect for his leadership abilities, too.  He's really been out there, and in the center of those huddles.  He's had a good battle back.

The Bootleg:  Same question for Kyle Matter this spring?
Trent Edwards:  Overall I've seen a big improvement from his fall practice.  He has a lot more pace on the ball and is more accurate.  He's making a lot better throws and reads, and you can see all the work he's put in.  He has a lot of game experience and a lot of practice experience.  He's come a long way from last season - been able to make the crucial throws in the critical situations in these practices.  He is really smart and knows when to throw the ball deep, when to throw underneath, when to throw out of bounds, and which pad to put the ball on.  He's playing really smart right now and using his experience from last fall to help himself out right now.

The Bootleg:  And David Lofton, your clasmate?
Trent Edwards:  I've seen a lot of improvement in him, too.  He's been making his deep throws really well, able to hit his receivers pretty deep.  His mechanics have come a long way, I think, and he's still battling.  He's still trying to learn the offense and go through that.  He has maintained the right attitude and is competing every day.  I have a lot of respect for his game.

The Bootleg:  Ryan Eklund has not had many chances to throw, but what have you seen from him?
Trent Edwards:  It's still early to tell where he is at, but I think it's helped that he's been out here working on his mechanics even when he wasn't able to throw.  I think taking mental rep's has helped him a lot.

The Bootleg:  What about this Trent Edwards kid?  What can you objectively say about his performances?
Trent Edwards:  (laughs)  Let's see what I'm doing right...  I'm trying to stay open to new coaching, trying to take the advice given to me and think about that as I'm dropping back.  When I'm reading the defense, I'm trying not to over-evaluate certain situations.  Overall I think I'm just going to need a little more time.  It's just a matter of when things start clicking.  It hasn't totally happened yet, and I get a little anxious, but I try to work through it.  I try to be in those video sessions and stay after practice to keep throwing.  I'm maintaining the right attitude, but it's a matter of reaching that consistency.

The Bootleg:  I've recently seen some real bullet throws, the hardest I've ever seen you throw.  Can you comment?
Trent Edwards:  Part of that is credit to the off-season workout with [strength coach] Ron Forbes.  I certainly feel stronger.  But some of those throws have been coming with b

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