Texas ATH Dontonio Jordan at two offers

Texas' Dontonio Jordan has offers from Stanford and Duke and a wide receiver background in his blood. Whether the athlete takes his talents to Palo Alto, however, remains very much in the air. We've got the background on Jordan, and reason to think other programs hold a Stanford offer in high regard.

"I've got a track meet tomorrow, so I'm icing down," Dontonio Jordan emphasized in an interview last Sunday night with The Bootleg.

A track meet tomorrow?

"Monday and Tuesday, it's very stupid."

A refreshingly blunt football player? We're sold. Jordan had us at hello.

We are not alone in our affection for Jordan, however, and his recruitment has accelerated ever since a certain school tendered the current junior an offer.

"It's been going real good," Jordan said of his recruitment. It's really starting to speed up ever since that offer from Stanford. I'm getting emails, ‘I heard you got a Stanford offer and we'll be down there for spring ball.'

"It's definitely, ‘we hear you have an offer from Stanford.' They heard at Tulsa, I don't know if they knew then before then, but they knew when I got there [for an unofficial visit]. They're about to offer too. When everyone hears Stanford, they get kind of antsy and want to jump on the ball."

Some handwringing, not entirely unwarranted, has taken place as fans lamented what they perceived to be overly aggressive scholarship offering under Jim Harbaugh. Rival coaches are the experts though, and apparently the value of a Stanford offer hasn't been diluted in their eyes.

Right now it's just the academic powers Stanford and Duke who've offered Jordan. (Add in Northwestern, Rice, Vanderbilt and Notre Dame, and you can play US News & World Report bingo.) But Jordan reports the Blue Devils and the Cardinal will have plenty of company soon, perhaps because the Stanford offer has opened the floodgates.

"Baylor, Connecticut, Tulsa, Arkansas, Iowa, Michigan State, Buffalo – they're showing interest and I think I will get offers from them," Jordan said.

Save for Baylor and Tulsa, all those schools will face an uphill battle though, as Jordan comes from an incredibly tight-knit family and distance weighs heavily on his mind.

"I like the campus life and it's a really, really, really good school," he gushed of Stanford. "But being 20 hours away from my family is hard, being able to keep in touch with them and things like that. It's very far and my family has been a part of me forever. I've been with them all my life and never separated.

"The closest school is TCU, about 45 minutes away. They were the first school I looked at because of distance, but as I've grown as a running back, I have to branch out. So Texas A&M is about four hours, Texas four-and-a-half hours Baylor, two hours. North Texas is about 10 minutes away from me. I'm from Hickory Creek, the Lake Dallas area [30 miles north of Dallas/Fort Worth.]

Jordan was focused on the in-state schools, natural for any high school athlete, especially one in Texas of any states, but then came his Stanford offer, seemingly out of nowhere.

"It was really weird," he said. "I never considered them, but I was watching the bowl game when they played Virginia Tech and slaughtered them. I heard a lot about Coach Harbaugh, every day on the radio, but I didn't really think about Stanford as a college. I hadn't gotten any mail or email, and then one day my offensive coordinator gave me a number I needed to call. It was a Stanford number and what came to mind was the VT game. Mike Sanford had a good conversation with me, and in the middle he offers. I was surprised, like I've never talked to you before, but then I got an offer from a really good school like that."

Stanford's certainly continuing to be aggressive with its offers, offering Nathanael Lohn out of the blue after stumbling upon his YouTube video. Perhaps something similar happened with Jordan, and if so, his father deserves as much credit as anyone.

"My dad, he's pretty much gotten me out there," the younger Jordan relayed. "He's my agent if I ever make it to the NFL or anything. He made my highlight film and put it on YouTube. He got all the addresses and contact info for the Division I schools and sent my tape to all 120 schools. I can see if they like my versatility or anything and it gives me opportunity to talk to them. He does a lot. I'm very, very, very thankful."

Still, Jordan's father is no helicopter dad.

"He's funny guy," Dontonio Jordan said. He says, ‘I don't care where you go. Go to Spain if a good college is there. He just wants me to go to a good program."

Indeed, Jordan has seen football from more of an insider perspective than all but a select few high school athletes, thanks again to his family.

"[My father is] from Panama and got recruited by Boise State, different colleges, but went to a small college in Arkansas and played wide receiver there. And then my uncle played in the NFL, the Arkansas Razorbacks, and then the Falcons and the Bears for two or three years. He was a running back.

"[My uncle] and my dad have talked more to [RB coach] Mike Sanford than I have. Right now, at high school, they need me as a running back, but I've played wide receiver the last two years. They said it's not going to be like that at Stanford. It's not going to be set in stone at running back or wide receiver. They're going to move me around and create mismatches. Not to get cocky or anything, but they said I can do pretty much anything except for throw."

Fullback, offensive line and tight end may also be challenging offensive positions for the 5-foot- 11, 180-pound athlete, but Jordan's point was that he could play at any offensive skill position, and he reports he's putting in the hard work to make that prophecy come true.

"Every Sunday, and in after-school workouts during the week, I'll go do foot drills with my dad and run routes and all of that."

As to his recruitment, Jordan reports the Stanford coaches have maintained steady contact.

"I've talked to all three of the coaches, and they tell me things I don't know," he said. "It's the second-biggest campus in the world, and a whole bunch of credentials I didn't know about. The bowl wins and how much they've improved over five years, standings and rankings last year, all of that."

Still, in the spirit of Stanford and Duke's back-and-forth battles on the hardwood ten years ago, and with Coach Mike "Angelic Eyes" Krzyzewski on the recruiting since, Jordan has good things to say about his offering programs on both coasts.

"Duke's a growing program and I feel I could go there and play really quickly my freshman year," Jordan said. "I like the offensive coordinator, he's a real cool guy, and that's a school in the running also. I'm going to visit Duke for sure in the fall. They're going to pay for an official."

Don't underestimate the mighty Cardinal though.

"Right now, it's set in stone that going to visit Stanford on May 14," Jordan said. "I've got flights planned and everything. It's one of their Junior Days and their camp during the summer. Their first Junior Day was a day or two before they offered me, so I couldn't plan for it."

The Bootleg has almost always seen high school GPAs inflated far north of the NCAA-calculated grade point average (or Stanford's unweighted GPA), but Jordan reports the opposite.

"My high school GPA right now was a 3.51, and I have a 3.84 NCAA GPA," he said. Both schools are very picky with grades and things. You have to have good grades to go there; that's what they expect in their players. To be offered from two academic schools like that is a real honor.

"I've taken my SAT and am taking it again on May 7. My dad wants me to try to get a better score. I don't know why I am taking it again; my dad just wants me to. And I'm taking the ACT in June.

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