Pac-10 Track & Field Championships: Men

The 2011 T&F Championships continue this week after the multi events were completed this past weekend, restarting in Tucson Friday and finishing Saturday. Here are Bob Kinder's predictions of this great meet on the men's side, the first he'll miss in several years.



Ryan Milus is an ASU frosh with a great, Pac-10 leading 10.07 time. He is the class of the field. Behind him are seven runners within a tenth of a second of each other, and almost three tenths behind Milus. Alaka of Washington second and Auberry of ASU third. Arizona fourth and sixth, USC fifth and UCLA seventh and eighth. No Stanford sprinters will threaten.


Morton of Stanford is # 16 at 21.27 and Mueller of Stanford # 21 at 21.33. Very good times, but doubt we see Morton in this event and Mueller probably won't make the final. Nellum of USC to win over Dyce of UCLA and Milus of ASU. Washington fourth and sixth, with UCLA splitting them at fifth. Then Arizona and UCLA seventh and eighth.


USC with Hughes, 45.46, Mance, 45.74 and Nellum go 1-2-4. Berry of Oregon third. Morton may well run this, a best of 46.23, and finish fifth. Chase of Stanford is doubtful, he is 14th, 47.82. ASU sixth and seventh, WSU eighth.


Stanford has four of the top 17, although Heath won't run this event. Greer of Oregon has the best time, 1:47.02, with three others within a second. Ferris of Stanford (1:49.11) ran for the first time outdoors Sunday. Greer and Guyota of Oregon 1-3 with Primm of UCLA in the middle. WSU fourth, with Ferris fifth, Arizona sixth and seventh, and USC eighth.


Stanford with five of the top 15. This is going to be very close, probably slow with the heat and then the kick. Centrowitz of Oregon over Heath of Stanford. Fleet of Oregon third, Cameron of Washington fourth, Coe of California fifth, Arizona sixth and seventh, Berberick of Stanford eighth.


Stanford with four of the top seven. Heath with his kick over Derrick, with Riley sixth and Unterrenier seventh as Stanford goes 1-2-6-7. Arizona third and fourth, and Oregon fifth with ASU eighth.


Stanford with four of the first seven although doubtful Heath would run this instead of the 1500. The favorite, Sambu of Arizona, wins, followed by Riley of Stanford. Hope Derrick runs, if so he is third, then Havel of Stanford, and Gregg of Stanford sixth. Oregon fifth, Arizona seventh and Oregon eighth.

3K SC:

Stanford is 2-3 in best times but Finley of Oregon fastest and Sodaro of Cal won the Big Meet going away. Sodaro to win, followed by Finley then Sullivan and Johnson of Stanford 3-4. UCLA, fifth, then Washington, Washington State and Arizona.


Morton is # 9 and Jamal Patterson # 13, but doubt Morton runs this event. Spurlock of USC, 13.33 best, to win over Ames of USC and Stewart of Cal. WSU fourth and seventh, Oregon fifth and sixth, Cal eighth.


A great threesome at the top. Anderson of WSU over Morton of Stanford then Wyatt of USC. WSU fourth and sixth, UCLA fifth and seventh, then WSU eighth.

4 x 100 Relay:

UCLA edges USC then Washington. ASU, WSU, Cal, Stanford, Oregon.

4 x 400 Relay:

USC a big winner over WSU, then Oregon. Then ASU, Washington, UCLA, Stanford, Cal.

High Jump:

Rivera-Morales, 7-5 ¾, and Ross, 7-4 ½ are a pair of Arizona sophs who should go 1-2. Jules Sharpe of Stanford had a great 7-3 indoors and I'll pick for third. Then Oregon State, ASU, Oregon, Oregon and USC.

Pole Vault:

Roth of Washington is the best by over a foot at 18-9 ¼. Vu of Washington second then UCLA third and fourth. Dysick of Stanford is a 17-footer and goes fifth, Cal sixth and eighth, ASU seventh.

Long Jump:

13 jumpers within 7" so take this prediction as a wild guess. Wheeler of Cal over Ketch of Oregon. Suleman of Cal third followed by Oregon fourth, UCLA fifth and seventh, Cal sixth and Arizona sixth.

Triple Jump:

Suleman of Cal over Clark of UCLA in the battle of 53-footers. Then ASU third, Oregon, WSU and Washington is sixth. USC and Arizona seventh and eighth.

Shot Put:

Clarke of ASU while Arizona goes 2-3-4. Tabor of Stanford fifth. The Cal, WSU, UCLA.


Tabor of Stanford is No. 1, edging Clarke of ASU, with Taylor of UCLA third. Arizona fourth and fifth, UCLA sixth, Dawson of Stanford seventh with Washington eighth.


Henderson of USC edges the outstanding UCLA frosh Faldermeyer. Stray of Oregon third and Clarke of ASU scores again for fourth. Then Arizona and Washington, followed by Wells and Dawson of Stanford.


Nielson and Zimmerman of Washington 1-2 then Wolff of Oregon third and Thompson of USC fourth. Then Washington, ASU, Hintz of Stanford and WSU.


Stanford: 131
Oregon: 99
USC: 98
Arizona: 94
UCLA: 92
Washington: 91
ASU: 64
Cal: 55
WSU: 54
Oregon State: 5

As you can see, a thin margin for Stanford over five challengers. As a diehard Stanford fan, here's hoping.

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