Pac-10 Track & Field Championships: Women

While we don't think Stanford's women will perform as well as the men at the 2011 Pac-10 Track and Field Championships, we still have them slated for a top-half finish, with a bevy of standout individual performances. Read on to gaze into Bob Kinder's crystal ball…



Stanford has three of the top 10, plus 14th and 22nd, so we will be a factor. USC frosh Davis has the best time by a tenth at 11.21, the Gardner and Purvis of Oregon at 11.30 and 11.42. Davis to win followed by Purvis then Gardner. I doubt Stanford's Kori Carter will run this race, she is ninth at 11.57, and has heats in both hurdle events. Payne of USC fourth, then Hendricks of Stanford fifth, followed by USC, ASU and Levingston of Stanford.


Stanford is 6, 9, 13 and 14 here, although Carter at 14 won't be running in this race. Purvis of Oregon (23.13) doesn't have the best time, but is a Big Meet winner. She edges teammate Payne (22.83), with USC's Davis (22.98) fourth to Oregon's Gardner, and Oregon also seventh. ASU fifth and Stanford's Levingston (23.58) sixth, ASU seventh and Dixon-Smith of Stanford (23.84) eighth.


Purvis of Oregon has the best time, a great 52.80, but I'm guessing she runs the shorter sprints. Thompson of UCLA at 53.13 is not far behind. UCLA to go 1-3-4, with Chaney of ASU second. Arizona 5 and 6, with ASU seventh and California eighth. Stanford has Farley, No. 18 at 54.64, and Schueler No. 21 at 54.90.


Stanford runners Fedronic (2:06.27) and O'Hare (2:08.94) are fifth and 12th. Oregon's Kesselring leads the way at 2:02.44. Kesselring to win, with Rodgers of Arizona second and Oregon's Roesler third. Cal fourth, then Oregon, Stanford's Fedronic sixth, UCLA seventh and O'Hare a surprise eighth.


Jordan Hasay of Oregon with the best time of 4:10.28 leads a 1-2-3-4 Oregon sweep. Washington fifth, Cal sixth, Oregon seventh and Duhon of Stanford eighth.


Here comes Hasay again with the best time 15:37.29. Stanford has three of the top 14, but my guess is only Kroeger runs for Stanford, while Marcy and Niehaus run only the 10K. Oregon 1-2, but Kroeger up to third. Followed by Washington, USC, Arizona, Arizona, Cal.


March of Oregon to win, with Niehaus of Stanford fourth. Arizona second and USC third, Oregon fifth, Washington sixth, Oregon seventh, ASU eighth.

3K SC:

This is completely wide open. If Stanford's Amaro were healthy she could be the favorite. Oregon 1-2, Washington third, Arizona 4-5, then ASU, Cal, Washington State.


Carter (13.12) and Nelms (13.57) are Stanford frosh ranked third and eighth. Ali of USC to win over Carter and Holden of Arizona. The ASU, USC, UCLA, Arizona and Nelms at eighth.


Thompson of UCLA leads at 55.88 and she should win. ASU second, fifth and seventh. USC third, Carter of Stanford fourth, Arizona sixth and Cal eighth.

4 x 100 Relay:

Oregon over USC and ASU, Stanford fourth. Then Cal, Arizona, UCLA, WSU.

4 x 400 Relay:

Oregon over ASU then Arizona. UCLA, Stanford and WSU to follow, then Cal and Washington.

High Jump:

Barrett of Arizona has jumped 6-3 ½ over Cal's Meister (6-1 ½). Theisen of Oregon bypassed the decathlon but she's third here, WSU fourth and Cal fifth and seventh, Washington sixth and USC eighth. Stanford will have three jumpers, and Johnson at 5-9 ¼ will challenge for points.

Pole Vault:

Stafanidi at 14-6 is tops and wins narrowly over Oregon's 14-3 jumper Gergel. ASU third and Cal fourth with Stanford frosh McCardwell rising to fifth. UCLA sixth and eighth with Oregon at seventh.

Long Jump:

Stanford has two of the top six even with King redshirting. Youngblood of Oregon the winner over Netty and Herring of ASU. Stanford's Dixon-Smith and Liehr fourth and fifth, then Cal, Oregon, ASU.

Triple Jump:

Liehr was beaten by Stewart of Cal in a great duel at the Big Meet. Here Liehr wins over Stewart, Boyd of USC third, Youngblood of Oregon fourth. Then Washington fifth and sixth, ASU seventh and Cal eighth.

Shot Put:

Arizona's Labonte wins with ASU's Jelmini second and Arizona then goes 3-4-5-6. Cal seventh, USC eighth.


Jelmini of ASU is a redshirt frosh who will be an Olympian and has already thrown 198, 21 feet better than the second best. She wins but Arizona goes 2-3-4-5. ASU sixth, Oregon seventh, Cal eighth.


Ozorai of USC beat Strom of UCLA in their duel so that repeats. Then USC third, Cal fourth and seventh, Arizona fifth and sixth and ASU eighth.


Tschilda of WSU over a close field. Washington second, Karesin of Stanford third, WSU fourth. Minoofer of Stanford fifth, followed by USC, Cal, Arizona.


Oregon: 197
Arizona: 135
ASU: 121
Stanford: 91
USC: 89
UCLA: 69
Cal: 60
Washington: 37
WSU: 26
Oregon State: 0

Oregon is just way too strong for this field, despite strong teams from Arizona and ASU.

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