Noor Davis commitment Q and A (Part 1)

In one of the biggest surprises in recent Stanford football history, elite Florida linebacker Noor Davis announced his verbal commitment to the Cardinal in a press conference at his high school on Friday. Late Saturday afternoon, The Bootleg caught up with the four-star recruit to get the inside story behind his decision.

The Bootleg: I know you talked about this a little bit in your press conference, but you originally planed to commit in a post-season All Star game. What were some of the main reasons behind your change of heart?
Noor Davis: I just felt so comfortable with my decision on being a Stanford Cardinal. I felt why wait? Plus, I didn't want to develop closer relationships with coaches from other programs and I wanted to give them the chance to focus their time on other deserving recruits that way they could not focus so much on me because I already knew where I was going.

TB: How was the actual press conference itself? Were you pretty nervous up there?
Because I've never done anything like that, I've never really wanted to do anything like that, drawing as much attention to myself as it did. It was fun, I was a little bit nervous, but my parents and a lot of other people said it didn't show and I handled myself very well. It was fun, just for everybody to stand up and cheer after I picked the Stanford hat was a pretty amazing experience.

TB: How long had Stanford been near or at the top of your list of schools?
Probably since the Orange Bowl, after watching it on TV, I knew that would be a place that would either be at the top of my list or the place that I'm going. Then, after developing a great relationship with the coaches, I realized this is where I want to be.

TB: What are a few of the other main reasons you liked Stanford so much?
ND: Well, they're one of the best academic schools in the world and they were fourth in the country in football, so they were one of the best in football as well. I feel like it's one of the best places I could be fit wise both academically and athletically to further my education in life. They also would like me to play baseball there, so it's an outstanding opportunity.

TB: Have any of the Stanford coaches visited your school in the current spring evaluation period?
ND: They're coming this week to watch me play, but they came on April 15th, Coach Tarver came to my school, which was the first day that they're allowed to have one visit, so he was my first visit, and I really respect that.

TB: When did you actually call the Stanford staff and let the know that you would be committing to them in your press conference?
ND: On the way up to the decision I notified them. I said hey, in a couple hours you're going to have your third commitment of this year.

TB: Who on the staff did you actually speak with and let know?
ND: I messaged Coach Mason, Coach Shaw, Coach Tarver, and Coach Anderson.

TB: Did you get any texts back pretty quickly?
ND: It was over Facebook, and they were saying they were very excited and were tuning in to see it as soon as it pops up.

TB: Did you get to speak with them a little bit more later in the day?
ND: Yes sir, I spoke with Coach Shaw probably 30 mintues after I committed. He was very happy and we had a very good conversation afterwards.

TB: Did you also commit to the Stanford baseball program?
ND: No, I haven't. As the year progresses I'm going to figure out whether or not that's what I want to do, but it's definitely a very good option.

TB: I've been covering recruiting for a few years now, and your announcement was one of the few times I've seen where really nobody knows where a recruit is going before he makes his decision. Was that kind of your intention, to keep it that way so that your announcement was actually a real announcement, for once?
ND: No, I wanted to be sure of my decision so I waited and made sure. I was doing my research that Stanford is where I want to go and it definitely is. It was funny that the whole world thought I was either going to Florida or Notre Dame. I was very confident in my decision.

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