Noor Davis commitment Q and A (Part 2)

In one of the biggest surprises in recent Stanford football recruiting history, elite Florida linebacker Noor Davis announced his verbal commitment to the Cardinal in a press conference at his high school on Friday. Late Saturday afternoon, The Bootleg caught up with the four-star recruit to get the inside story behind his decision.

TB: Before you decided to make an early decision, I know you had planned to make a West Coast swing to visit Stanford and USC. As it stands now, what are your visit plans for the next few months?
Noor Davis: I'll be heading out there mid-June. I'll go to UCLA, USC, and Stanford. I can't wait to head out and see it, The Farm.

TB: In terms of official visits, I'm assuming Stanford will be one of your trips, but are you hoping to take a few other officials as well?
ND: Yes sir, I will take some of my officials. I'm not sure if [I'll take all] five, we'll find out as time progresses, but no question Stanford will be one, and the other ones we'll see.

In regards to your placement in Stanford's scheme, I'm guessing you'd be a 3-4 outside linebacker. Have they discussed how they see you fitting in to their defense?
ND: They feel like I can be a very prominent factor in their defense in the 3-4 on the outside rushing the passer, dropping into coverage, and doing a lot of things to disrupt the offense.

TB: Now that you've committed, do you plan to start recruiting other prospects to Stanford, or is that not so much your thing?
ND: I'm not sure yet. I don't want to rush anybody into decisions because they have their lives and they know what's best for themselves, so I respect their decisions and will let them go from there.

TB: But you did know you were Stanford's third commitment, so you have been following at least a little bit Stanford's recruiting efforts for this year?
ND: Yes sir, I've kept in touch with Aziz [Shittu] and Alex Carter and we message back and forth and we know that we can't wait to be teammates together.

TB: I'm guessing it's pretty exciting to have three top-100 (according to the rankings) guys in the country committed all at different position groups on the defense. Is that something that gets discussed?
ND: It was. I also spoke to Coach Shaw about that and he said it starts from every level and so far this recruiting class we've gotten top-100 guys from every level so that's an outstanding thing and just compliments their recruiting.

TB: Have you gotten a chance to talk to Stanford about their admissions process yet?
ND: Yes sir, I have. I already have an application and I'll work on that and send it out this summer.

TB: The GPA is a 4.3, right?
ND: Yes sir it is.

TB: And have you taken a standardized test yet?
ND: I have, I've taken the SAT and ACT. I'm not positive about my socres yet, I haven't gotten them back yet.

TB: Alright Noor, I really appreciate the time, and congratulations on your commitment.
ND: Yes sir, thank you very much.

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