Dontonio Jordan Commitment Q and A (Part 1)

A few days after Lake Dallas High School (Lake Dallas, Texas) star Dontonio Jordan called Stanford head coach David Shaw, the 5-foot-11, 180-pound wide receiver spoke with The Bootleg about his choice.

The Bootleg: I know you've explained your choice to several people in the last couple of days since your commitment, but if you could just sum up your decision to commit to Stanford, what were the major reasons behind your choice?
Dontonio Jordan: When I went on my visit there on May 14th, it kind of settled it because I had an idea that I wanted to go there because of the education opportunities and everything that they offer on the campus lifestyle and everything, but when I got there and actually spent some time with the coaches, spent some time with the players in the dorm and hung out, I felt like it was a home away from home and like that's where I belonged. My family and the coaches, they gelled really well, they loved each other. That's what I was looking for in a college.

TB: I did read before you made your visit out to Stanford that you also liked Kansas a lot. Was there one specific factor about Stanford that pushed them over the top, or was it just the general combination of what Stanford has to offer?
DJ: I'd say, if I wouldn't have gone out there to visit then I never would have known the coaches and stuff. Going on that visit, the coaches in general is what really pushed them over the top.

TB: With the early playing time, I know that's been important to you, did you guys go over the wide receiver depth chart, player by player, to get a better picture of it on your visit?
DJ: Yes sir. We got there, we had a meeting with Coach Shaw, [Offensive Intern Aaron] Morehead, and Coach Sanford and my parents and my sister, we were all in there. They showed me a highlight tape that they said I would kind of be replacing, because they said I played like him a lot, Doug Baldwin. So they said they really needed a guy that could run after the catch and could run sure routes and block. They said I'd be the perfect fit. They said they really wish I was a 2011 recruit and it would work out perfect, but they can't wait until I get there, and I also can't wait until I get there.

TB: We saw the video of you calling Coach Shaw to commit to Stanford, but can you talk a little bit more about the commitment conversation?
DJ: I called, and I was just like, "Coach, I'm in. I'm coming." He was like, "Good, that's good man!" I could kind of visualize him, he said he stood up and said, "Hey, Don's in, Don's in!" I heard the coaches in the background all kind of cheering. He said, "We're ready to get you in here, I wish we could have you this year, actually. Now you and that guy who's committed also, Aziz [Shittu], you guys are going to be our best recruiters. Get us a quarterback, get us a DB, get us an o-lineman." As we speak, I'm recruiting people, me and Aziz. We're trying to get everybody to come to Stanford.

TB: To this point, have you been in touch with Aziz and Stanford's other 2012 commits, defensive back Alex Carter and linebacker Noor Davis?
DJ: I've been in touch with Alex Carter and Aziz and that's pretty much it. I'm kind of getting acquainted with Wayne Lyons, I'm adding all them on Facebook so I can talk to them. Barry Browning, he's already there, he's about to be a sophomore for Stanford, he and Cole Underwood, when they saw I committed, they said, "Congrats man, we're going to see you when you get here, we can't wait until you get here." It feels like it's family now.

TB: Nice to have a few fellow Texans on the team?
DJ: Yeah, I stayed with them when we went on the visit.

TB: You said you're also recruiting other players for Stanford. Are there a few uncommitted players now that you're pushing?
DJ: Right now, Kyle Murphy, Armani Reeves, Jameis Winston, Barry Sanders.

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