Dontonio Jordan Commitment Q and A (Part 2)

A few days after Lake Dallas High School (Lake Dallas, Texas) star Dontonio Jordan called Stanford head coach David Shaw, the 5-foot-11, 180-pound wide receiver spoke with The Bootleg about his choice.

The Bootleg: In addition to your previously reported offers, I know you got a Boston College offer late last week. Has anything else come your way in the last few days?
Dontonio Jordan: Houston came I think yesterday.

TB: Is that double digits now?
DJ: Yes, it's finally double digits.

TB: So it's like a few new offers come every week for you nowadays, it seems like you are starting to blow up as a recruit. With that in mind, why did you decide to make an early commitment now instead of riding it out, maybe you pick up 10 more offers in the next month?
DJ: I knew that this is where I wanted, I didn't think any other school could offer and I would go [there]. Stanford is a good opportunity in everything. There's early playing time in football, an education when I get out of college. I knew I didn't want to go anywhere else, so it was like, why wait? The recruiting process, you probably know, it's a lot of stress, it can be really, really stressful. I wanted to get all of that off my shoulders. Right after I committed that next day we had a 7-on-7. I felt relieved, like a huge weight off my shoulders.

TB: I did read that you also wanted to take a few other official visits to other schools. What are your thoughts on doing that, and do you have any places in mind?
DJ: I know I'm a Stanford Cardinal, I'm still going to keep my options open because the admissions process at Stanford is very stringent, so I might take a visit to Boston College, because I've never been up in the Boston area, Buffalo, Michigan State. I love Michigan, I've been there before, but I haven't been to Michigan State so I would like to see the atmosphere around there, and last one, I'll probably go to Houston with a couple of friends because I know some people [there], a lot of people at my school. I used to live in Houston and my cousin [lives there, so] I go down there every now and then.

TB: If I remember correctly, originally in your recruitment there was some hesitation on your end to leave the area and go to school far away from home. Was that an issue for you?
DJ: Yes, it was an issue, and I was stressing out I wasn't getting any in-state looks, offers or anything, but eventually I grasped the fact that I was going to leave the state and am going to one of the best schools in the country for academics and athletics. It's not too bad because say I went to Oklahoma or Oklahoma State, or Baylor, or somewhere like that, I'd be an hour and a half, two hours away, even three hours at Oklahoma. I just consider it a plane flight. California, I'd be a three-hour plane flight from coming home to Texas, so I really don't think it's that bad.

TB: Do you feel like you have a bit of a chip on your shoulder b/c you didn't get those in state offers?
DJ: Yeah, yeah I do. I just look back on some stuff, like in state powers that I wasn't getting any types of looks or offers from, but I try to move off of it. I hope that I'll meet some of those in a bowl game in college so I can try to show them this is what you missed, that's kind of how I envision it.

TB: Well hey, Texas didn't offer Andrew Luck, they might want to have that one back, so you wouldn't be the first to make those schools regret their decision.
DJ: Exactly, yeah (laughing.)

TB: Finally, with the application process, I know we talked before, you mentioned that you knew about it, you're getting ready to get going on that, do you plan to get a copy of the application to get started on it soon, or where are you at with that?
DJ: They said I'm really close to getting an application. I just have to show them my schedule for my senior year and they'll send an application out. That'll be the last part, then after that I'm set, I'm in, so that will be really a huge weight off my shoulders. I'm going to try to get that over with before my senior season in high school.

TB: You had the 3.85 GPA and are waiting for the results of your SAT retake?
DJ: Yes. They should be in by next Thursday.

TB: Well alright, I believe that's all I have, really appreciate the time. Thanks Dontonio, and congratulations on your commitment.
DJ: Thank you.

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