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We spend fall and winter on football, recruiting and basketball, and it's unfortunate, but only natural that other sports' coverage suffers then. Well, here we are to look at the Directors' Cup standings to see what's happened this year across the Card's 35 varsity sports – including national championships 100 and 101 and the 35th straight year with a national title -- and what is still to come.

See our other piece for the Capital One update, which will bring some new information and a whole new scoring system to the forefront. In the meanwhile, though, just because it's routine doesn't mean it's quite impressive: Barring the rapture showing up a few weeks late, Stanford will again win the Sears Cup with second place far in the rearview mirror. And, no need to bury the lead either: the Card's projected total would be the highest-ever in the Directors' Cup 18-year history. Here's our projected scoring:

Sears Cup

Gymnastics, first, 100 points
Swimming, third, 85 points
Football, fourth, 80 points
Cross country, fourth, 80 points
Tennis, fifth, 73 points
Indoor track, eighth, 69.75 points
Outdoor track, 11th, 66 points
Wrestling, 11th, 66 points
Fencing, 10th, 60 points
Baseball 17th, 50 points
Total: 729.75

Water polo, first, 100 points
Tennis, second, 90 points
Soccer, second, 90 points
Rowing, second, 90 points
Basketball, third, 83 points
Swimming, fourth, 80 points
Volleyball, fifth, 73 points
Softball, ninth, 64 points
Outdoor track, 14th, 61.5 points
Indoor track, 15th, 59.25 points
Cross country 13th, 51 points
Golf, 23rd, 50.5 points
Gymnastics, 25th, 46.5 points
Field hockey, ninth, 25 points
Lacrosse, ninth, 25 points

Total: 790.75

Note that coed/women's fencing counts as a men's sport because it maximizes Stanford's total score. Italicized sports won't count against the women's total, as only the top-10 scoring sports can. Underlined sports represent sports still ongoing, with projected finishes based on latest polls or, for baseball, seeding in the NCAA Tournament.

This Stanford grad's math puts the projected total at 1520.5, which would represent the Card's 17th straight Directors' Cup and highest-ever total. For comparison, Stanford won with a Directors' Cup-record 1508.5 points last year, and 1455 and 1461 in the two years previous. Of course, it bears repeating that men's gymnastics and women's water polo winning national titles pushed to 35 years Stanford's "hit streak" of national-title winning seasons, an impressive hit streak in baseball, let alone intercollegiate national championships.

Still, Stanford did continue its impressive trick of coming up just short in NCAA Championships far too often, with three second-place finishes, two thirds and three fourths. So while women's water polo and men's gymnastics pushed the national title count to 101, the haul could have been better yet. Here's to such a season in 2011-12.

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