After offer, Card in Cochran's top-five

Although he got off to a somewhat slow start to his recruitment, Matt Cochran is now universally regarded as one of the top linemen on the West Coast. And earlier this week, he picked up an offer from Stanford, one that was in the works for months.

Matt Cochran picked up a Stanford offer earlier this week after impressing the Cardinal coaching staff at camp.

"They offered me after the camp," Cochran said. "It's been a work in progress because I've been talking to those coaches for like two and a half months or so and they've been evaluating me and they were just waiting to get me on the field and see me move around, but it felt pretty good to finally get that offer because I had to work for it."

Cochran was only at Stanford for one day, but did plenty to capture the coaches' attention. In fact, he did enough to pique the interest of coaches on both sides of the ball.

"Actually I got to go a little bit both ways," Cochran said. "I got to talk a lot to Coach Hart and Coach McGlockton and I got to talk a lot to Coach Bloomgren also about my form off of o-line."

Cochran was particularly impressed with the coaching style of Stanford's new offensive line coach, Bloogmren.

"I'll be honest, Coach Bloogmren knows what he's talking about," Cochran said. "I like the fact that they bring a lot of physics to the game – they'll literally tell you the science behind what you're doing."

As Cochran alluded to, however, it's no sure thing he would end up as an offensive lineman should he commit to Stanford.

"Coach Hart loved me, they said they want to switch me around, I think McGlockton is trying to convince the offensive coaches to switch me to defense if I decide to go," Cochran said.

So while Cochran's offer is technically to play the offensive center position, his ultimate position is still up for debate.

"I think the offer was for center, I know that for a fact, but showing them that I can play nose and that if they needed to offer me at nose, they could have offered me at nose also," Cochran said.

Cochran, for one, doesn't seem to care which side he plays in college.

"I don't have a preference," Cochran said. "I like both sides of the ball."

While the main objective of Cochran's latest trip was likely to prove his worth to the Stanford coaches, it also allowed the talented prospect a chance to get better acclimated to the Stanford environment.

"I've been on the campus a few times, I know all the coaches, so I mean you kind of learn your way around a little bit," Cochran said. "The main thing that I like about their school is that they connect very well with players' families, and it seems like it's a very family oriented school, so you just have a lot of fun being around the players there and being around the coaches."

As such, it's no surprise that Stanford is among Cochran's favorites.

"I do actually have a top-five, this isn't really in any specific order at all," Cochran said. "Stanford, Cal, Washington, Utah, and Alabama, they haven't offered yet."

However, a timeline for further narrowing down his list or making a commitment appears to still a ways away.

"I don't really know that yet, that's a little bit further down the road," Cochran said.

If Cochran does end up choosing Stanford, he'll have a pretty good sense of what he needs to do to get admitted.

"When Aziz [Shittu] got his offer from them, I was in the room when they were explaing the application process, so I know a little bit about it," Cochran said.

Currently, Cochran reports a 3.5 GPA, and plans to retake the SAT, "next year, hopefully twice," he said.

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