Day One: Andrew Luck

With a freshly shaved head and trimmed beard, Stanford's star signal caller met with the media following Monday's fall practice opener. Luck discussed practice under David Shaw compared to his predecessor, the wide receiving core, and more.

Below is the partial transcript from the media's meeting with Luck.

Was practice today different today than last year?
Andrew Luck: I was just asked that, and I sort of struggle remembering to a year ago about the practice. We've had so much, I don't know. I feel older, though.

So Andrew, has your mind wandered at all, you had a fork in the road, go to the NFL or stay here, have you ever in a moment said I wonder what my life would have been like if I took the other fork?
AL: No, I haven't really. I've been happy here, happy to play football here, happy to go to school here, happy to be at Stanford, so no, it hasn't crossed my mind.

It's very interesting, much has been made that there's no Heisman campaign, they're not going to be taking up billboards in Time Square with your name on them, almost the thought process seems to be, and it's almost the right one, how much more exposed could you be? Everyone knows about Andrew Luck, it really comes down to what you do on the field.
AL: Well I think so, that's a trophy won by how you do, so I guess I'm grateful that Stanford hasn't partaken in any of that.

How good did it feel to be out here today after making that big decision, to walk into the blue skies and walk under center for the Stanford Cardinal once again?
AL: I'm very excited to come out. First practice, we had a former coach describe it like Christmas. It's fun, fun to be out here with all the guys and sort of put life away and focus on football.

Can you tell at all first day, can you compare with Coach Harbaugh to the great work here the last few years, was anything done differently today than it was normally done?
AL: I was asked that earlier, but I have trouble remembering the practices a year ago. I can remember games, but practices sort of run together, and we're not in pads yet, but it's tough, but it felt very similar, same sort of routine, and for me, all the words are the same, and that makes a big difference.

Being in pads you can't tell that much, but were there any of the returnees or new guys that really stood out to you, had some pep in their step?
AL: I think the wideouts did a good job running the routes, obviously we have to keep working on that position, but I think as a group, they did a good job.

So why did you shave the beard, why did you get a buzz cut?
AL: To be honest it's more comfortable under the helmet. I went through spring ball a couple of years ago with some long hair, and it just gets annoying. It's hard to put a helmet on and I figured I just better shave, I don't know if it was good.

But you're not going to get a full Shayne Skov haircut?
AL: I don't know if I have enough flair or swag for that.

You must wonder how Troy Polamalu does that?
AL: He must have good shampoo.

There's obviously been issues at one of your primary competitors, the University of Oregon, and here, it's blue skies and calm waters. In some ways is it comforting to know you don't have the same type of issues as you do at other schools.
AL: I guess it's nice. To be honest, I view Oregon as a football team. I could care less what happens outside of their team. All I know is they beat us last year and I respect the hell out of their program. They're great, so I don't know what happens, I don't know all the stories, so I try not to listen or think about it at all, I just respect them as a football team.

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