Practice Day Two: Kevin Danser

Former Bellarmine High star and Stanford redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Kevin Danser has flown somewhat under the radar since he arrived on campus a few years back, but that could be changing. The departure of Andrew Phillips left a massive void at right guard, and Danser is considered a possible replacement. Read on for Danser's take on that competition, as well as the start of fall camp.

Below is the transcript of The Bootleg's interview with Kevin Danser. After a strong spring, Danser is considered the leading candidate to replace Andrew Phillips at left guard in what's shaping up to be a two-person competition between Danser and senior Matt Bentler.

The Bootleg: Another year of camp for you here, how do you feel the first two days have gone?
Kevin Danser: Oh, the first two days have gone pretty well. Just kind of getting back into it, getting back in the groove. No pads or anything, so. But practices seem good, we're getting all the execution down. It seems to be going pretty well.

TB: So how are you approaching this camp compared to the last few you've been in. Is it a different mentality knowing that you have a real shot to be a starter?
KD: Yeah, Definitely battling for a job, I know Bentler, he's coming back and he's a real good player, so battling with him will be tough, all the other guys on the o-line, like coach said, he's going to play the best guys, so whoever it is, it's going to be the best five on the field.

TB: How do you feel like you've progressed since you arrived here, both on the field and mentally?
KD: I think it's a lot due to Coach Bloomgren. He's been really helpful, helping me out. Also working with the older players, like David [DeCastro], Jon [Martin], they're real helpful, giving techniques. It's nice, they've really helped me out.

TB: How big an influence did the Chase Beeler's the Andrew Phillips', the McGillicuddy's have on your development?
KD: Huge. Huge. Andy Phillips is a guy I try to model myself after because he works hard, him and Chase too, and James, they're all guys that put the time on, they put the work in, they had great work ethics, so you're trying to copy them, mirror them, because you can tell that's how they rose to their status.

TB: Is there anything specific that you're looking to really improve upon in camp?
KD: Oh everything, you can work footwork, pad leverage, there's a ton of stuff. Overall, understanding the overall offense, too. There's a bunch of stuff that I'm trying to work on.

TB: Granted it's only been two practices, but between this and spring ball, what are the differences between the coaching style of Bloomgren and Crook compared to Drevno and Roman?
KD: I mean they're both, Drevno was a great coach and so is Coach Bloomgren. They're both solid coaches. I'm not going to compare them in any ways. That doesn't seem fair. They're both great coaches, I love Coach Bloomgren, he's great, technique, teaching, correlating stuff, not only in the classroom but on the field, so it's nice.

TB: Again, I know it's early, but has there been anyone in the offensive line group, whether it be freshmen or returnees that have really impressed you, that have really stood out, aside from Martin and DeCastro?
KD: I mean, I'm not going to say any, it's only day two, so we're still trying to compete, still battling, so there's no one really standing out so far.

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