Day 5: David Shaw Interview

In the words of Cardinal coach David Shaw, Stanford's fifth day of practice began in "awful" fashion. The drills were slow and plodding, not up to the expectations of a top-10 caliber team. But as the day progressed, the Cardinal picked up the pace, much to the delight of their coach.

Below is the partial transcript of David Shaw's media session following the fifth day of Cardinal training camp. The practice marked the first time Stanford had donned full pads all summer, but there was no tackling.

Who looked good today?
David Shaw: Shayne Skov was possessed today. He was hard to block. I had to get on him for being too close to the quarterback, but the problem is, he's going 100 miles per hour and we couldn't block him, so he did a really good job today.

Who's playing with the first team next to Skov on the inside?
DS: It's a revolving door right now. Anybody and everybody.

Is Blake Lueders at all on the inside or is he strictly outside?
DS: He's outside.

Would you say Max Bergen and James Vaughters are maybe the frontrunners at that other inside spot, or is it really anybody and everybody?
DS: It's been a good group. And once again, it's good to have competition, because it's not like we don't have a guy that can play there. Max knows the defense and is playing really well, James Vaughters is a big, fast, athletic kid that's competing with him. Joe Hemschoot has been really good, he's had a real good camp, so we have some guys that are fighting for that spot. We'll see, we start tackling tomorrow.

Was this the first practice in full pads?
DS: First practice in full pads. We didn't tackle today but we'll get after it tomorrow.

What did you think of the overall tone of this practice?
DS: It started off awful. But midway through, I was about to lose my mind, a lot of the seniors stepped up and started demanding more from their teammates, and it was a great sign. A great sign of leadership, and they actually saved practice because we actually got better as practice went on.

When you it was awful, what do you mean?
DS: It was slow. We don't practice slow, and the effort was there, but it was kind of a dragging effort. The older guys picked it up, the younger guys followed, and the last two periods were really, really good.

How does the backup quarterback stand at this point? Have Josh Nunes or Robbie Picazo stepped forward at all?
DS: They're right about the same right now. And I would say that Brett Nottingham has closed up the gap. Brett Nottingham has had a really good camp, he's showed command of the offense, got command of the huddle. He's impressed us thus far, so he's got a chance to get in that competition as well.

Is he on par with those other two yet?
DS: Really close. Really close. I'm not ready to say he's there yet, but we got a few weeks of camp left.

And then after that, do any of the other guys get any reps at all?
DS: We split practice so we get a lot of the young guys going at the same time as the older guys. So they're getting a lot of reps. They're not getting a lot of reps with the ones, but they're getting a lot of reps.

Any more clarity with any of the position battles?
DS: I wish there was. But right now, there's not. We've had guys that flash at right tackle, and then whoever's flashing we start to feel good and then they have a bad day and somebody else flashes. We have to get to the point where those guys aren't flashing but the light is staying on.

Has Kevin Hogan shown anything yet?
DS: Oh yeah. Yeah. I mean, he's a freshman quarterback that's trying to figure it out, but we knew he was a good athlete, but he's a really good athlete that has shown some understanding, but what you look for in a freshman quarterback is the skill set that you recruited, and both he and Evan Crower have those skills. Kevin is a better runner, Evan's a little more polished passing the ball, but at the same time both of them are right where we thought they'd be, which is swimming mentally, but showing that they have the ability to play at this level.

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