Day 5: Josh Nunes and Robbie Picazo

Though the top of Stanford's depth chart at quarterback is set, a strong competition is underway at fall camp to settle the order behind Andrew Luck. Two redshirt sophomores, Josh Nunes and Robbie Picazo, are vying to sit behind Luck during the season.

The Bootleg caught up with both Nunes and Picazo on Friday to get their views on the ongoing competition and their thoughts on the first week of training camp.

The Bootleg: What are your first impressions from camp?

Josh Nunes: It's just nice being out, getting on the field again and getting in pads. You get those butterflies, that excitement, just getting ready to put pads on. Obviously, not for us, but it's just nice.

Robbie Picazo: It's nice to be back out here. I've been looking forward to it all summer—the whole team has—to finally get out here and finally get pads on like we had out here today, with full pads to get after it. We got to see how the freshmen look, got a good class of recruits coming in. We just got back to playing football.

How do you think the offense is looking, with all the turnover on the line?

JN: I have full confidence in our guys. We're getting all the same stuff that we did in. Confidence-wise, I've got a ton of confidence in the guys and in what we can do.

What's the challenge the coaching staff has put to you and the rest of the quarterbacks on the roster?

JN: The biggest challenge is just getting better every day. It's just the same thing—getting on the grind. I feel like getting the playbook obviously is a big part of that, and just focusing on whatever we need to improve on every day, to get the team better.

Is there anything you think the coaches are looking specifically for?

RP: I don't know, I think just in general they're looking for someone who's as close to Andrew Luck as you can be. I think they're looking for someone who doesn't make mistakes and who takes care of the football, and as a quarterback can just run the offense.

There's a competition on the depth chart behind Andrew. How is that competition going and where do you see yourself ending up?

JN: I'm not thinking about it, to tell you the truth. I'm just trying to get better every day and really help the team get better. How it plays out, it will play out.

RP: It's been going well. There are a lot of people competing for positions. We're both working our butts off and just trying to get better. It's out of our control, and the coaches will make a decision when they make a decision.

How's your defense looking?

JN: The defense is doing good! We've got some guys over there—Shayne Skov is a great leader. We've got some [defensive backs] that are doing a great job this spring, so it's a great competition between the wide receivers and the DBs.

RP: They're giving us a hard time, but that's a good thing. You don't want to be going against your defense and like going against your defense, because that means other teams are going to like going against your defense. It's nice that you don't like it that much and they make you feel a little uncomfortable, but it's also good and it makes us get better.

Can you talk a little bit about the differences in the coaching staff between this year versus what you guys had last year?

RP: For me, at least on offense, it's been a lot of the same. Coach Hamilton was here last year and Coach Shaw worked with the quarterbacks a lot. For me, as far as I'm concerned, it's been very, very, very similar.

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