Week Two Interview: Ryan Hewitt

Though most of the Cardinal backfield will look similar to last year's squad, one notable change will be at fullback, where redshirt sophomore Ryan Hewitt will take over from fourth-round draft pick Owen Marecic. Though Hewitt has played at both tight end and fullback during his Stanford career, he will play exclusively in the backfield this season.

In a recent interview with The Bootleg, Hewitt discussed his new place on the first team and the pressures of succeeding Marecic, one of the biggest stars from last year's team.

The Bootleg: How much have you played at fullback in the past? How many reps have you gotten at the position?

Ryan Hewitt: In the last couple of years with Owen playing defense, he would take a good half of the reps on defense, so all the reps he was on defense, I was at fullback.

What sort of adjustments have the coaches asked you to make out here, during the first week of camp?

RH: They've just asked me to keep doing better and try to perfect all of the little things. So I'm working at doing all of the little things right, and just doing everything they tell me.

What's the biggest change with playing regularly on the first team?

RH: Speed. The speed's a little bit faster but I'm used to it by now. For the last couple of years I've been on the first team when Owen's been on defense, so I've pretty used to it.

Talking about Owen, have you had any contact with him?

RH: I've not talked to him since he left.

Do you think there's any added pressure being his full time replacement, given what he represented for the program?

RH: Definitely. I think the pressure comes from other teams because other teams expect for us to have a good fullback. We kind of established ourselves as a good, physical football team, and I'm just going to try and be as physical as I can be.

Do you see yourself as more of a pass-catching fullback or as more of a lead blocker? In which mold do you see yourself?

RH: I just try to do everything they tell me, which is everything. I try to do it all as best I can.

Are there any improvements that you've been working specifically on, beyond general improvement?

RH: Just knowing defensively the schemes, pass-protection wise, that type of stuff. Just knowing, getting pre-snap clues—figuring out what the defense is going to do and being able to react like that.

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