Practice Interview: Barry Browning

After a modest 2011 campaign playing behind Richard Sherman and Johnson Bademosi in the Cardinal's defensive backfield, sophomore cornerback Barry Browning is poised to take over Sherman's starting slot. Browning finished last season with 15 tackles and one interception, and will seek to build on that effort next fall as he lines up across from Bademosi on game days.

In a recent interview with The Bootleg, Browning talked about the challenges of adjusting to being a starter, as well as his take on training camp so far.

You're transitioning into a full time starting role this year. How has that been going for you?

Barry Browning: It's been quite challenging, just as far as being on top of all of my responsibilities and just trying to bring and give what I know to the younger guys — that's what Richard Sherman did for me last year. Other than that, it's been pretty good.

What's been the biggest change for you, from what you were doing last year to practicing every down with the first team?

BB: I think it's more just knowing what the offense is trying to do to me, as far as the splits or the motions, all the realignments and adjustments. They try to get me out of position and stuff like that.

Have you talked at all with Richard since camp started, or even over the summer?

BB: I talked to him earlier in the summer. He just told me to make sure I'm going over all of the details and stuff, so against receivers like [Chris] Owusu, I can be on top of my game.

Have you gotten any mentoring or advice from other members of the secondary?

BB: This summer I stayed with Mike Thomas and Delano Howell, so that was pretty good. I liked it because I was able to be with older guys, so they kind of brought my maturity level up as far as the program on defense.

Who's the toughest receiver you've gone against so far?

BB: So far I'd like to say the toughest receiver I've gone against is Chris Owusu, as of right now in practice. I know he's going to get me ready for a lot of guys like Robert Woods at USC, all of those guys.

Have there been any changes to the playbook that you've had trouble mastering or is it mostly just consistent with what you guys had earlier?

BB: It's pretty much the same thing. As Coach Mason would say, it's going into phase two, trying to do different things, so the offense can't go off of what we did last year and be able to tell exactly what we're doing.

You guys obviously had some coaching turnover in the offseason. What are the similarities with the coaching staff you had last year and what are the big differences?

BB: As far as similarities, we always had great coaches. They came here to win, and we want to win as players. As far as differences, I wouldn't say there's any difference—there's a lot more energy in the room, there's a lot more energy in the locker room, so I just feel like everybody is here to win.

What specific improvements do the coaches have you working on?

BB: It's just trying to get more weight. When I first got here I was 160, now I'm up to 180. Also just knowing my responsibilities and being smart on the field.

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