Washington Post-Game: Stepfan Taylor

Running back Stepfan Taylor led all Stanford rushers on Saturday night against Washington, going for 138 yards on 10 carries with a touchdown run. That effort spearheaded a record-breaking night for the Stanford offense, which set the school's single-game rushing record with 446 yards on the ground.

The Bootleg caught up with Taylor after the game, to get his thoughts on breaking that record and on the game as a whole.

The Bootleg: Can you talk again about the team rushing record? First of all, how did you guys know? Coach Shaw said that he didn't know until the end of the game.

Stepfan Taylor: I didn't know either, until I heard somebody say, "28 more yards to the record." So hey, let's get it. Wilkerson out there, on the play he had when he scored, I think he broke it. The offensive line was there, cheering and everything—it was a great feeling.

Can you talk a little bit about your offensive line? What was your impression of how they played tonight and how they've come together as a unit?

ST: They've played great again, like they have in past games. I noticed in spring ball, when they all came, the new guys. They were all meshing together—it was their first year out here, in those first games you get a feel for it. Tonight was just one of those games where you just felt like everybody was clicking—it was just a great feeling.

Can you talk a little bit about Chris Polk on the other side? Did it fire you up at all, watching some of those big runs he had against your defense?

ST: I mean, he's a great running back, but we're just out there focusing on our game—we can't worry about the other team. The focus is on offense and our scheme, and on our play.

Can you talk about the Wildcat formation that Tyler Gaffney runs? Do you ever run that in practice or is that something exclusively that he runs?

ST: We all kind of run it, but Tyler's the guy. He has the right voice for it, to call the plays. He knows it well—that's what he's going to contribute to the team as well as running other plays, but that's him.

There was a little bit of talk in the press conference about how this game might hurt Andrew's Heisman hopes. You had a great rushing game but he's not throwing the ball as much. What's your opinion of that mentality?

ST: However that goes, Andrew's my Heisman. Just watching him behind the scenes, the stuff that he goes through, doing the stuff that he knows—it's just impressive to me. He knows the whole offense and he's pretty much calling it, putting us in the run, putting us in the right spot at the line. He does the passing and the running game—you have to know a lot for our running scheme.

If you go undefeated, do you think you deserve to play in the BCS Championship Game?

ST: I can't focus on that. We can only control what we can control and focus on the game ahead. I just try not to get tied up in that stuff.

I know it's hard to say that the polls factor in to how you guys play, but when you put up 65 points and are still scoring touchdowns late in the fourth quarter, I have to ask the question— does that ever factor into your thinking, to pile up points to look better and impress the pollsters?

ST: I don't know. We're just playing; we're just out here playing trying to score. We don't really pay attention to that. We can't control it, so why worry about that? We're just going to play our game.

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