Pre-USC Interview: Tyler Mabry

Stanford's offensive line showed up in a big way last Saturday against Washington, paving the way as the Cardinal running backs set a single-game school record for rushing yards. Though he isn't one of the five starters on the line, Tyler Mabry is a key cog in the Cardinal offense, frequently rotating into games.

On Tuesday, The Bootleg caught up with Mabry after practice to get his take on the Washington game, Stanford's rivalry with USC and the "Suck for Luck" campaign.

The Bootleg: What did the rushing record you set last week mean to the O-line?

Tyler Mabry: It meant a lot. I think it was 1980—it was a 30-year old record that's been around a while. For an offense that takes pride in running the ball, setting the school rushing record means a lot. It kind of validates what we're working for. It's nice to do, but it's by no means the end goal. We have all of our large goals out there to achieve, but for that day it was definitely nice—something to celebrate as a line.

What are some of those large goals?

TM: First and foremost, we've talked since day one of this season, before spring ball: our major goal is to win the first Pac-12 championship. That's what we all have our sights on and what we're working to achieve.

Do you believe that this line is one of the best in the country?

TM: You know, I don't think that's for any of us to say. All we can do is work every day and try to be the best line that we can be. I don't think we really need to compare ourselves to anyone else. We always say it's about what we do, not what anyone else does.

If you had to highlight one flaw in the Washington game, what would it be? After all, you guys are always talking about improvement.

TM: There's always room to get better in pass pro and run pro. I mean, you can rush for 460- plus yards but every block's not perfect and every fit's not right. So we'll watch the film and try to get better.

What are your thoughts on the rivalry with USC?

TM: I'm a San Diego guy, so it's nice to be going home to SoCal. Growing up there, they were always the preeminent program of the West Coast. It's definitely a rivalry game—we're excited to go back down there and show them what we've got.

What are your thoughts on the "Suck for Luck" campaign?

TM: I think everyone thinks it's kind of ridiculous, especially Andrew. It's early in the season still, people are trying to go out there and win every game. I think it's a creation of the media; no one really on any football team is paying attention to it.

Do you think Luck deserves to win the Heisman?

TM: Absolutely. He's the best quarterback I've ever seen at this level. He's going to do special things for the rest of this year and the rest of his football career. They say the Heisman goes to the best player in the country—far and away, it's Andrew Luck.

What's the toughest front seven you've faced so far?

TM: That's a tough one. Washington was good—we rushed for a lot of yards but they had some big boys up there. They had three guys over 330 pounds so that was definitely a challenge, blocking those guys.

Who's the toughest player you've faced personally?

TM: Gosh, I don't know. Everyone at this level is good.

Do you guys ever feel like you're being disrespected by the pollsters at all?

TM: I don't think anyone's paying attention to the polls. Like I mentioned earlier, we're really focused on what we're trying to do. The polls will take care of themselves in the end—we just have to worry about the next game, the next opponent, go one game at a time and then we'll be good.

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