Pre-USC Interview: Ty Montgomery

No true freshman has had a greater impact this season for Stanford than wide receiver Ty Montgomery, a Dallas, Texas native who has made waves with his play in the kick-return game. Montgomery returned a kickoff for a touchdown against Washington State and has been the special-teams captain in recent weeks.

The Bootleg talked one-on-one with Montgomery after Wednesday's practice to get his perspective on the Stanford-USC rivalry and a better idea of what his role will look like over the remainder of the season.

The Bootleg: Over the last couple of weeks, you've been a captain on special teams and I feel like that's pretty unusual for a true freshman. How did you step into that role?

TM: I don't know—I was just really grateful that my coaches felt that way about me. I just went out and tried to play ball.

How much playing time at wide receiver have you gotten in recent weeks?

TM: I'm getting a little bit at a time. I'm not really expecting too much because I know there's a lot that I have to learn and a lot of adjusting that I have to do. Whatever they give me, I'll play—I've been in a little bit, though.

Have you been mainly rotating, or is there a spot you've been playing at consistently at wide receiver?

TM: I'm just rotating in—wherever they see that I can do well is where they put me.

Have any of the other receivers or offensive players been mentors to you?

TM: Yeah, a lot of them. All of them actually have—we all help each other. If I have input for someone else then I'll help them with what I can—we all help each other.

Anyone in particular?

TM: I mean, everyone, to tell you the truth!

What's the toughest secondary you've faced so far?

TM: It's hard to say. Like I said, I haven't been getting that much playing time—a few plays here and there. As far as watching the film, Washington had some pretty good DBs.

Do you think you're going to get more into the wide receiver rotation in future games this season?

TM: You know, I'm not sure. I would like to, but only if the coaches see a fit, and I'm happy with that.

As a freshman coming in, you're playing your first rivalry game against USC this weekend. Does that add any extra motivation for you? Has there been anything different going on because of that?

TM: I just want to get past the excitement of everything and the other distractions. I heard GameDay is going to be there and the crowd. I just have to understand that I'm not going there to sightsee—I'm going there to play, so I just have to get through all of the emotional things that a freshman has to get through.

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